8 Things to Make with Blood Oranges

By Brittni • Updated on 07/07/2021

Blood Orange Popsicles

I stayed up too late last night watching the Oscars (anybody else?), but I’m up bright and early with some drool-worthy recipes that involve one of my favorite citrus flavors: blood oranges.

So pucker up! Here are 8 things to make with blood oranges…

1. blood orange popsicle recipe

Blood Orange Donuts

2. blood orange donuts recipe from The Little Epicurean

Salted Caramel Drizzle + Blood Orange Cake

3. salted caramel drizzle with blood orange cake

Blood Orange Lassi

4. blood orange lassi from Kiran Tarun


Blood Orange and Coconut Marshmallows

5. blood orange and coconut marshmallows from Bon Appetit

Blood Orange Sparkling Water

6. blood orange and rosemary sparkling water from A Couple of Cooks

Candied Blood Orange

7. candied blood oranges recipe

Blood Orange Bourbon Smash

8. blood orange bourbon smash recipe from How Sweet Eats

Have a favorite blood orange recipe? I’d love to hear it.

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Thanks Lizzy. Not all of the photos above were taken by me (just #1, 3, and 7). But yes, I do have a piece of marble that I use for food photos. You can see a behind the scenes look at my process and setup here: http://www.papernstitchblog.com/2015/02/17/behind-the-scenes-working-with-what-youve-got/ Hope that helps.


Your shots are so beautiful! Did you buy a slab of marble especially?


Wow. Love all and every single one of those ideas.



Who knew!! I have an abnormally large sweet tooth, so this is perfect.


I need to hurry and hop on the blood orange train!! I like the pops and lassi recipes.



Pickles and Palmtrees - Melanie

It looks so tasty…and beautiful with the red colour 🙂

Laura Kristensen

Love this <3



These are great recipes! I’m really into blood oranges right now so the more ideas the better! I actually just made a blood orange margarita for #nationalmargaritaday on my blog austinstyled.com, you’ll love it!


ill be fixing the water


Mmm…blood oranges. I recently came across this blood orange blossom cake recipe that I am very excited to try: http://somethingsweetsomethingsavoury.com/2015/02/15/blood-orange-blossom-cake/

Jennifer @ guildencrantz

Blood oranges are so pretty! Now time to go to the market and make some popsicles and cocktails!

XO, k | www.kokay.me


Oh! Blood orange curd sounds delicious, Carolyn.


Preach! Thank you for this – I have been mindlessly buying blood oranges by the armful every time I go to the store because I’m afraid of the day the season is officially over. These ideas will be so useful! But I’d like to add blood orange curd to the list 🙂

Carolyn Selheim-Miller

A blood orange party would be so fun, Kel. Good thinking.


Between your cake and those those donuts, I kinda want to have a whole blood orange party. I had blood orange waffles once that were pretty amazing too!

Kelly @ Studio DIY

I agree, Sarah. I definitely need to give the cocktails a try!


Blood orange cocktails are fabulous, so I can imagine that the rest of these ideas are great too (especially the donuts!)

Sarah E. Ashlock
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