5 Ways to Keep Your Office Organized Without Compromising on Style

By Brittni • Updated on 02/14/2024

5 Ways to Keep Your Office Organized Without Compromising on Style

The other day, I was just kind of glancing around my office and suddenly realized it was time for an organizational overhaul. Has that every happened to you? You’re just in the thick of it day after day and don’t really notice. Until, suddenly, it hits you and you’re like ‘woah’.

I have a lot of stuff to keep track of in there…from props and craft supplies to paperwork / books, etc, but I still like the overall vibe of the room and didn’t want to compromise on style just for the sake of keeping things organized and tidy. So, I partnered with Post-it Brand (which I legitimately use ALL the time for work) to find the coolest ways to keep your office organized without compromising on style. And I even threw in a DIY project for good measure.

Patterns and Pastels

All of these organizational elements work perfectly with the new Post-it Brand World of Color collections, inspired by colors from around the globe. My favorite color combo from the collection is Bali. The pastel-ish colors are kind of perfect for my space. And the New York collection is a great one too. But there are quite a few more color options to choose from as well: Marrakesh, Rio de Janeiro, Bora Bora, Cape Town, Jaipur, Marseille, and Helsinki. So you’re bound to find a color scheme that works with your space.

Ready for the office supplies that will make organizing a cinch? Here are 5 ways to keep your office organized without compromising on style…

5 Ways to Keep Your Office Organized Without Compromising on Style

1. DIY Hanging Cubby / Bulletin Boards: Okay, I had to start with these because they are totally my new favorite thing. I’ll be showing you how to make them next week, but for now I’ll just tease you by saying they’re relatively painless to make and completely addictive. We made 6 or 7 of these in different shapes one day and I still turned to Linda and asked if we needed to make anymore. Apparently, I want to cover every empty inch of wall space with these things.

5 Ways to Keep Your Office Organized Without Compromising on Style

2. Stacking Storage Boxes: Okay, these stacking boxes are amazing! I keep a few at my desk and a few on the bench nearby, with glue sticks, scissors, paints, etc. They have to be the coolest looking stacking boxes around. I mean, there’s a graph print box. So I’m pretty sure they can’t be beat.

I’ve actually been sticking Post-it Notes to the boxes, much like the hanging cubbies, because it’s such an easy surface to stick stuff too. Naturally, I tend to throw a few little doodles up there too, just for fun. It’s one of my favorite procrastination past times, actually.

Book Nook

3. Copper Basket: I have a couple of these copper baskets that I keep around for different things. Mainly books and magazines. It’s like a mini bookshelf without the shelf, basically.

Ombre Accordion Folder for Keeping Receipts Organized

4. Ombre Receipts Folder: I love this accordion style folder for tucking away receipts and other important documents that I need to keep on hand, but don’t necessarily want to look at everyday. When it’s unfolded, it’s a nice design element for the space. And when I’m done using it, it folds up into a regular notebook size, with an elastic closure, so I can keep things tidy until I need them again.

5 Ways to Keep Your Office Organized Without Compromising on Style

5. DIY Concrete Pencil Holder: I started using the DIY concrete vase I made a while back as a pencil holder in my office. It’s nice to have yet another spot for storing random things, so they’re out of the way, but still right there when I need them. Plus the texture of the concrete against the smoother surfaces on my desk is a welcomed change. Get the tutorial for this project here.

5 Ways to Keep Your Office Organized Without Compromising on Style

5 Ways to Keep Your Office Organized Without Compromising on Style

5 Ways to Keep Your Office Organized Without Compromising on Style

Photography by Linda Jednaszewski
Concept and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff 

So that pretty much wraps up my picks for stylish organizational accessories. Do you have a favorite from this list of must-haves? How do you keep your office organized?

This post is in partnership with Post-it Brand. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Paper & Stitch running.

You can find more information about the different colors in the Post-it Brand World of Color collections by visiting their website or by following them on TwitterFacebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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Hi Kiara. I’ll be sharing the full tutorial for the wall cubbies this Wednesday in the blog. So stay tuned. 🙂 So glad you like them.


I didn’t see a link for the diy Hanging cubby / bulletin board. Super cute and would love to make them–any chance you could provide the instructions? Thanks!


Great ideas!

Julie Blanner

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Friday Links! - The Crafted Life

looking forwards to the promised diy post ^_^ and damn yes, some nice baskets are definitely on my shopping list but around here they are hard to find…


Love the hanging cubby/bulletin boards! Thanks for the inspiration!

Georgia @ Silver Spiral Studio

I know exactly what you mean! I recently finished exams, took one look at my room and realised how messy it was. Now I’m always looking for great ideas like yours, thank you!

Jacqui | Halcyon Jar


post-its are never wrong. ( . . i wish I were a post-it!!!)

sharon / theprincipledtype.blogspot.com

I love love love those copper baskets. I have a few metal ones for my son’s room and they are perfect for corraling books and toys, but still looking polished and just easy.

Loved this post. Right up my organizational alley.

Meredith from Penelope Loves Lists

Your space is such a dream! Love all these tips! My office definitely needs an overhaul 🙂

Rachel | The Crafted Life

These are all such great tips! I’m in the process of designing my home office and I feel like it’s so hard to find the balance between function and design so I really loved these suggestions!



Isn’t that ombre folder cool, Jia?! It’s one of my faves. And as for the Post-it Notes….They’re available through many large retailers (Target, Amazon, etc), if that helps. 🙂


Omg, the Ombre Receipts Folder is the prettiest accordion folder I have ever seen! I use a lot of IKEA boxes and MUJI drawers for organisations and pretty them up with my illustrations (: I use a lot of stickies too, but have never seen these colours for the Post-Its before! Wish my stationery shop would bring them in <3

xx Jia, honeyandgazelle.wordpress.com


Awesome. Thanks Anrola. 🙂


Great post – I have pinned you to one of my boards – https://uk.pinterest.com/anrolaa/


Right, ISOSCELLA? Love the colors so much.


Those post its are such lovely colours! And I adore those boxes!

ISOSCELLA | isoscella.blogspot.co.uk


Thanks Patricia!


it looks so beautiful!
because you will get really motivated to make some order!

Best, paticia


Right there with you, Kimberly. Those 3 color combos are good ones, for sure. So glad I could send a little inspiration your way. 🙂


I love the Bali, Bora Bora, and New York Post-It collections. Gah! You totally gave me an idea with that bench/stacked boxes combo. I can’t wait to try that in my office. I wish your cubby/bulletin board tutorial was going up this week! I am babysitting my nephew on Saturday and that seems like the perfect project for both of us. Okay, maybe it is more for me, but, well, you know…

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