6 DIYs to Try This Weekend

By Brittni • posted on 07/07/2021

6 DIYs to Try this Weekend // folded books, bouquets, and more

I’m heading out to Salt Lake City for Alt Summit (and another event before that) early Monday morning and have approximately a million things to do between now and then. But nothing is going to stop me from getting my weekend DIYs up. So here are my 6 favorites this week…

1. DIY art with folded books from Weekday Carnival

2. Whip up a $2 mini message bouquet DIY from Paper & Stitch

3. Make your own gin from Lovely Indeed

4. Create a DIY metallic pendant sconce

5. Make a leather weave table with Stephanie Todaro for Style By Emily Henderson

6. And sew up some garlands for the house with Kamryn Stimpson for Designlovefest

Hope you have a great weekend.


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Love all the ideas! Also, the wall art/painting behind the folded book art looks like a fun and easy DIY project, too! 🙂 Thank you for such lovely ideas! Have a lovely weekend!

Suzana S.

I have a stack of old hard-covers in my garage that Ive been saving to DIY, so the folded books would be perfect! Thanks for sharing, I love these ideas!

xx Alex




Aw, thanks Jessica. 🙂 And yes…the DIY gin from Chelsea is so great!


Your mini message bouquets are so cute!! And make my own gin?! Need to try! Thanks for this list, Brittni, and have such a wonderful time at Alt Summit!!!

Jessica (Coco/Mingo)

Of course! See you soon, Chels.


Thanks for sharing the gin, B! Have a gorgeous weekend and can’t wait to see ya soon. xo


Awesome. Hope you have a nice weekend Chelsea.


Love DIY inspiration for the weekend!

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