Interior Obsessions: A Clean + Organized Workspace

By Brittni • Updated on 02/15/2024

A Tidy Workspace with Pegboard

One of my favorite things to do when a new year starts is organize and clean. Especially when it comes to my office and workspace areas. It just makes me feel inspired and ready to tackle the world again. Does it do the same thing for you?

So, I thought it would be good to roundup a handful of awesome (and tidy) workspaces for inspiration to kick off the first Interior Obsessions post of the new year.

1. (above) a very organized workspace, with a super cool pegboard wall

love this desk (verily magazine)

2. an all white workspace, with the beginnings of an inspiration wall

cool workspace with a great big window

3. a light-filled office with thoughtfully placed accessories and furniture


4. a space with plenty of storage and shelving

whit workspace with container clutter & plenty of storage

5. an office with contained clutter (in a good way) and loads of storage

A Clean Desk with Nothing on It

6. and finally, a completely cleared desk area, ready for inspiration to strike

What inspires you to come up with new ideas and get back to work after a break? Do you find having a clean workspace helps or are you in the ‘messier the better’ camp when it comes to your workspace?

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The white container is from West Elm. Here’s the link


Where do you find the white ceramic containers for your tools? I’ve been trying to find them to put utensils in them

Samantha Morlote

Mine is neither clean nor organized. Joanna 🙂

Addicted to Crafts

Kel – I can help you organize in March, if it’s not done yet. Or just do floor angels all day long in that amazing space! Either one.


As I sit in my disaster of a workspace… I hope to have a studio that clean and organized some day! Love the white floors and that peg board!

Kelly @ Studio DIY

I totally know what you mean Drycha. It’s definitely a task to keep things clutter-free and organized, but I’m always up for a good challenge. 🙂


Beautiful spaces! I would love to have such a tidy and light place. By now I have to deal with messy crowded room. but one day… 😉


Yes! Clutter is draining isn’t it, Annie? Admittedly, sometimes clutter is necessary….during a big project or something. But making my workspace clean again after the messy projects are done feels so good.


Clean workspaces make a WORLD of difference! Clutter tends to drain me, and I feel psychologically cluttered too. I like the white open spaces and organized cubbies for everything to go into!

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