6 DIYs to Try This Weekend

By Brittni • posted on 03/04/2024

6 DIYs to Try This Weekend

Today, I’m putting on my stylist cap and getting a bunch of projects prepped for a shoot that will be happening in just a few hours. And I still have a million things to do. So it’s probably best if I keep this short and sweet.

I know you love DIY projects as much as I do. So, I have a handful of favorites to inspire you this weekend…

1. strawberry limeade popsicles for the end of summer

2. three DIY ways to cut a tee from Treasures and Travels

3. dessert sushi from The House That Lars Built

4. striped lantern DIY from Thuss+Farrell on Oh Joy

5. faux marble coasters how-to from House of Earnest

6. duct tape pencil holders for back to school from Merrilee on Julep

Hope you have a great weekend.


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The striped lantern one looks amazing!


Great ideas but I really love the striped lantern DIY! Switch out the crepe colors for not just summer! I can’t wait to try this!

Pam Millershaski (WiReD Boutique Jewelry)

Yup so that is definitely going to be my new t-shirt-to-tank tutorial.

Gosh I can’t believe I hadn’t found that before.

And you just have yourself a great weekend/photoshoot.


That is a cool one, right? I love it too.


Super cute ideas. I especially loved the 3 ways to cut a tee. 🙂


Isn’t that one fun, Amber? Brittany always has such clever ideas.


Like the look of the dessert sushi!

Amber Rhodes

Awesome Rachel! Have fun.


oh my gosh these look so cute! I now know how I’m spending my weekend ha ha. I can’t wait to try these 🙂


Rachel Brennan
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