Make This: Pucker Up with these Strawberry Limeade Popsicles

By Brittni • Updated on 02/14/2024

Strawberry Limeade Popsicle Recipe

Lemonade is cool and all, but in my opinion, limes are where it’s at. So, I thought I’d make some quick limeade popsicles before summer officially says its goodbye, in a couple of weeks. Summer, please don’t go!

In true summer fashion, I wanted this recipe to be easy breezy, so it’s only three ingredients. Quick. Easy. And delicious.

Here’s how to make your own…

Strawberry + Lime

Ingredients (makes 12 popsicles):

1 fresh lime, 2-3 large fresh strawberries, limeade – I like Simply Limeade, but you can easily make your own too. There’s a limeade recipe on Martha Stewart that looks super easy.


knife and popsicle mold (mine is from Amazon)


1. Slice up 1 lime as thin as possible. And slice or chop strawberries as well.

2. Add lime slices and strawberries to  popsicle wells. A couple of slices of lime and a few strawberry slices per popsicle is all you need.

3. Pour limeade into the popsicle molds, over the fruit.

4. Add popsicle sticks (if you’re not using a popsicle mold like mine, you’ll want to place the molds in the freezer for about 45 minutes before adding the popsicle sticks). Freeze until hardened -typically takes 3-4 hours.

5. Run under warm water for 15-20 second to easily pop the popsicles out of the mold. Enjoy!

Strawberry Limeade Popsicles

Strawberry Limeade Popsicles

Not into the strawberry and lime combo?

Changing this recipe up is super simple. Switch out the strawberries for fresh melon, orange slices, or even cucumber.

Strawberry Limeade Popsicle Recipe

Strawberry Limeade Popsicles

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

Hope you’ll give this recipe a try before the fall season sets in. Everyone says that summer is over after Labor Day. But I’m riding this out until the season officially ends in a few weeks.

Are you as sad to see summer go as I am? Or are you excited about the fall season?

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Lovely recipe, I have pinned it to my board


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Thanks for sharing this recipe, if you can call it that 😉 I had never thought about putting lime in a popsicle, so that definitely makes me wonder what it must be like! Something I am happy and willing to try. Perfect for those rare summerish autumn evenings we get 😉


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Great recipe. Probably very tasty!

Stacy from


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Oh! This looks great!


As you know, I’m just as sad as you to see summer go! Keep bringing on the popsicles! We’ll push off fall as long as we can!

Kelly @ Studio DIY

These look so refreshing!


I really need to start making some ice lollies, these look delicious 🙂


These look so refreshing! I’m hoping the warmth of summer isn’t gone for me; it’s cloudy and 60 degrees here in Seattle…but maybe later this week we’ll get a little sun in these parts and popsicles will be appropriate. Fall is my favorite, as long as I’m prepared with warm socks and hats 🙂


Right there with you, Kerry. Gotta hold onto summer for as long as possible. 🙂


Ah these are perfect for the last of summer – i’m refusing to let go at the moment and filling my freezer with ice lollies from the shops as all seem to be on offer!


Ice lollies. That is the cutest name for popsicles. I love it.


I need to get some popsicle moulds! I’m from the UK and still can’t get out of the habit of calling them ice lollies! Even though the Sumer is ending, it is still sooooo warm here in AL…much warmer than the UK!


Haha. That’s true. I do really like popsicles.

I agree with you that the cool air feels nice, especially because it’s so hot here during the summer. But I know I’m really going to miss the weather when it’s gone…and the long days!


Gurl, you really like your popsicles! 🙂

I’m so torn this summer. Most years, I’m just giddy to see autumn coming. This year, I did school all summer and didn’t get to be outside enjoying it as much, so I’m more disappointed. Still, I am in love with the cool air, fuzzy socks, hoodies and campfires and most of all, the colors.

This looks lovely though, even for the warmer days of fall.

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