6 DIYs to Try This Weekend

By Brittni • posted on 01/16/2015

6 Weekend DIYs to Try

My mind is just about ready to check out for the week, but the load of projects I need to finish up today isn’t going to let me off the hook that easy. Dang it.

So, before I make a solid attempt to actually get ready this morning (with makeup and a real outfit), for a video I’m shooting today, I have my roundup of DIYs to try for the weekend.

Here we go…

1. DIY Wink Wink Manicure from Studio DIY

2. DIY Pineapple Flower Cake Toppers

3. DIY Color Dipped Clothing Hangers from Sugar & Cloth

4. DIY Wooden Coffee Table from A Beautiful Mess

5. DIY Festive Phone Case Project from Design Sponge

6. DIY Candied Blood Oranges with a Sugar Glaze

I’m really into that coffee table DIY (#4) right now. What about you? Have a favorite from this list that you might give a go this weekend?

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All they are pretty amazing!
I loved the coffee table but I’m not so sure I can do this. Plus I’m a little out of space in my home right now. But sure is adorable!

I’m planning to try these Wink Wink Manicure and the Festive Phone Case.

xo, Deborah


Great ideas… love the hangers!

Jenn @ EngineerMommy

Oh I love the color dipped hangers! Such a great easy to add color to your closet.


Coffee Table <3


Awesome Ideas!


I love that coffee table from ABM! I’m also trying to find time to make your candied oranges. I want to do some of them with icing and some dipped in chocolate. (Can you tell I have a sweet tooth?)

Happy weekend!

xx Kathryn


I saw those hangers today and that table earlier this week. I’m obsessed with both, specially the table. I’m only in doubt if I should make it naked or paint it black. Such a beauty!!!
Thanks for sharing all these. I must try them all! 🙂

Kelly Brito

I’m obsessed with those hangers! Totally looking forward to the weekend so I have time to DIY something!

rhiannon {paperclips and peonies}

Between your pineapple flowers and Ash’s dipped hangers… it was a good week for DIYs! Thanks for including my mani tutorial. Can’t wait to see the video you’re working on!

Kelly @ Studio DIY
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