Lounge Room Progress (Article Furniture Review)

By Brittni • Updated on 08/20/2023

Reviewing our new Article furniture and sharing the reveal before the reveal. 

Photo of modern, leather sectional sofa from Article, on striped rug.

Our back room lounge is almost complete and I wanted to give you a huge sneak peek today. As in, I’m showing you *almost* the entire space – just holding back a few things until next week. 

Before I share the final, final reveal, I wanted to talk to you about all the Article furniture we have in this space because it totally makes the entire room, imo.

And because I’ve had several pieces of Article furniture for years and years, that I continually get asked about, I thought you might have some questions about my newest pieces too.

So, here’s my full Article furniture review…

Article Furniture Review (Lounge Room)

Like I mentioned before, I have had several pieces form Article over the years and they’ve all been good quality and good looking design-wise too.

My first ever piece of Article furniture was the Burrard sofa for my studio back in 2016.

When I moved out of the studio space years later, I had to sell it bc we didn’t have a space for anymore. But it looked nearly brand new still when I sold it (and if you were at that studio sale, you know that a good chunk of people in line were there to try and buy that sofa).

And then, a year later, I got some teak outdoor furniture from Article and we still have it all to this day.

Both the table and the chairs are from the TEAKA collection. I get asked about it pretty regularly still, whenever I share photos of the backyard or our old porch.

Of all the Article  furniture reviews I’ll share today, this outdoor furniture has been tested the longest! It’s been almost six years nor since we got the TEAKA table and chairs.

It still looks so good! And held up well through our cross-country move too. It’s solid folks! Long lasting stuff. It’s very heavy, so keep that in mind.

Alright, so let’s just jump into the new stuff, so I can give you my honest opinion on everything…

Image of Article leather sectional with giant fiddle leaf fig in the background.

Article Sofa (Mello Sectional)

I researched the heck out of different sofas and the one that had really good reviews (that I also really loved the look of) was the Mello Taos Sectional.

I looked at A LOT of sofa options online (from all different sources) before falling in love with this one. And when I read the reviews, I knew I had to have this one.

From the start, it looked like one of those sectionals that I’d be able to curl up in with a blanket and just hang out for hours.

And I’m happy to report, IT TOTALLY IS! This sectional is so comfy and we could not be any happier with it.

At the time I’m writing this post, we’ve had the sofa for almost three months. We’ve used it every single day since then and it still looks amazing…even with a toddler that likes to get messy.

Sure, it gets some little scuffs, from tiny fingernails, etc. But that’s what leather does. And I actually really like when you can see a little bit of patina on leather. It tells a story.

Aside from it being comfortable (which is obviously important), it’s also SO good looking! And apparently, I’m not the only one who has taken note of this sectional. When I shared a preview to Instagram, several of you said this exact sectional was your dream couch too.

P.S. While this sectional isn’t cheap, it’s still a good price for a leather sofa of this size. The other leather sofa we have (in the living room), which we bought from a different company, cost almost $1,000 more than this one and is about half the size. AND both Jeff and I honestly like our new mello sectional better!

You can check out the Mello Sectional from Article here. I have the left arm corner sectional in Taos Tan.

Closeup photo of Article furniture (wicker, bohemian coffee table) in modern, California home.

Article Coffee Table (Catta Coffee Table)

I’m also IN LOVE with our new coffee table – its the Catta Coffee Table. It reminds me of an Equipale barrel chair and just feels like vacation, don’t you think? 

Again, the quality is really great (thick glass top with a rattan, rope, and powder-coated iron base). But the most impressive part?

The price! Its $350, which seems like a steal to me. And I should know, I spent A LOT of time rounding up cool coffee tables under $500 a while back and it was a challenge to find cute ones that were high quality like this.

Closeup image of floor pillows in an earthy, bohemian living space.

Bocco Pillow

I have a handful of pillows in this room, mostly ones that I snagged from our living room. Since we’re back here so much now.

But one of the new additions is a pink Bocco pillow – super soft and cozy.

We’ve used it a small cushion on the floor with a floor pouf to make things extra cozy on the floor, when my son wants to play Legos on the floor (which is every.single.day). Haha. 

But full disclosure… I’ve since moved this pillow to another room, so I can maintain the earthy vibe I have going on in here. 

Image of minimal reading nook with a circular mirror.

Meron Mirror

There’s a decent amount of artwork in here already, so I thought a mirror would be a good addition to bounce light around in here and break up the framed, rectangular pieces.

This is the Meron Mirror. It’s under $200 and comes in the natural color we have and black.

And has a similar vibe to some of the other pieces, without being overly matchy matchy.

Image of bamboo side table next to leather side table.

Catta Side Table (Hadley Stool similar)

And last but not least, the stool / side table.

I have the Hadley stool, which we use as a side table behind the sectional for drinks.

I really like the size because we can move it around easily when we need a place for drinks, or an extra seat.

It’s since been retired though, so I wanted to suggest the Catta Side Table, which matches my coffee table and is sooo cute! It’s also under $200.

Photo of leather sectional from Article with neutral pillows and abstract artwork.

Photo of bohemian, minimal living space with giant fiddle leaf fig.

Image of floor pillows in bohemian living space.

Image of modern, leather corner sofa with earthy, neutral textiles.

Image of wicker coffee table and leather sofa on striped rug with abstract art.

That’s it for now!

I’m still finishing up the remaining decorating of this room, so I’ll share all the sources and the office part of this space in a separate post.

But for now, let me know if you have any questions – about the Article furniture and/or anything else you see in this space. Happy to answer.

This post is in partnership with Article, a brand that I’ve had in my home and studio spaces for years. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Paper and Stitch running.

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Of course! The paper lantern is by the brand HAY. I got it from here: https://rstyle.me/+0bbD3Nkce0Gl4CgO7McZrA and they come in several sizes (mine is then largest). Hope that helps.


I’m here trying to hunt down where you bought the round paper lantern shade! Will you please kindly share? Thanks!! I hope it’s affordable haha.


Looks amazing. Where did you find the artwork and frames? Also is that a real fiddle leaf tree or faux?

Lydia W

Your work is so inspiring. Thanks for the encouragement.


Hi Tina. The blanket was a Christmas gift that I got several years ago. I can’t find it available online though right now. In the past, I’ve seen it available at Terrain and I think World Market at one point too. If I ever see it online, I’ll be sure t update this comment.


Beautiful! Where is the blanket from?


Hi Megan. I have several pillows from Kesslryn Dean on the sofa, along with a circle shaped pillow from West Elm and a black and white triangle pillow from Ferm Living. And then the pink pillow on the floor is from Article and the larger floor pouf is from Rough and Tumbled. Hope that helps!


Hi Brittni, love the space. Where r the cushions from with the big circle then the smaller circle one from? Love them. I think over seen u have a triangle one in other posts too! Thanks Megan from Australia


Hi Wendy! The rug is from Lulu and Georgia. We’ve had it for about a year now and thought it would look good back here. 🙂


Beautiful room! Where is the rug from?

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