Cozy Up: How to Style Your Sofa for Fall

By Brittni • posted on 11/06/2016

How to style a sofa for fall

Styling a sofa is like having a blank canvas just waiting for some paint (or pillows) to bring it to life. And with a new season, comes another chance to turn any sofa into a blank canvas once again – with new textiles, artwork, etc.

So I put together a few tips for changing up the look and feel of your sofa for fall, with a little help from Article (an online-only company dedicated to beautifully designed modern furniture at affordable prices).

And because no styling challenge would be complete without a trusty before and after reveal, I have that too. 🙂 Here’s what I started with…

Before and after sofa styling

One of the big pieces of furniture that I’ve been hoping to get crossed off my list for forever now, is a sofa. It’s a big commitment though, and a large part of any room, so it took me a while to find the right one. But, find it I did!

I wanted something neutral, but also with a modern / mid-century shape, so I went with the Burrard sofa in seasalt gray. It’s already brought such a cozy vibe to the space and has proved to be a good spot for mid-afternoon naps during long work days. It just needed a few accessories to tie the space together and get it ready for fall.

So, whether you’re taking a nap, working from home, or binging on Netflix documentaries, these quick tips will help you get your sofa in shape for fall…

How to style a sofa for fall. Tip #1: Add textiles.

Tips for Styling a Sofa for Fall

Add textiles. Blankets, pillows, and a rug are the starting point for any sofa styling. I pulled pillows with a variety of patterns, and textures that work nicely together – a couple of neutrals and a pop of a bolder color. The tan pattern pillow and rust colored circle pillow were the ones that felt most like fall to me, and then I built on those with some more neutral basics.

And then I grabbed a black and cream blanket from my house that worked with one of the black and cream pillows. Additional blankets were hung on the blanket ladder for extra options. And the rug is a neutral shag that you kind of can’t go wrong with (works for any season).

How to style a sofa for fall. Tip #2: Add artwork.

Add artwork. I selected artwork that (semi) matched the accessories and pulled in a new color (that light turquoise on the map) to punch things up and create a focal point.

The natural wood frame brings in some of the warm browns too, which is a great subtle way to incorporate falls vibes.

How to style a sofa for fall

Lighting. I fell in love with this vintage floor lamp I found recently and it just so happened to fit perfectly right up against the sofa, as a reading light. Not really specific to fall, but it definitely fills in that little spot nicely.

I really like the idea of the crumple pendant lamp too though for fall. If I had electrical over that spot already, I’d be all over that one. Love the copper inside.

Vintage coffee table and sofa styling

Final touches. The remaining accessories (vases, plants, planters, books) filled in any areas that still felt a little sparse, after a few additional furniture pieces helped to round things out.

Side note…the coffee table in the photos is vintage, and I love it, but it’s not actually mine to keep for the studio (dang it). So I’ve been eyeing a couple online, including this one. Love the unique, mid-century shape.

Now that I (finally) have a place to sit, outside of my desk and workspace tables, I’m that much closer to having the studio completed. Not there yet, but it’s coming along. What do you think?

How to style a sofa for fall

How to style a sofa for fall

Photography by Amelia Tatnall Lawrence
Styling by Brittni Mehlhoff
Sofa provided by Article

What are some of the ways you restyle your sofa with the change of the seasons? Any tips you want to share? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Wao This post is just amazing I love the way how you match everything. the color combination is really bringing life to these styles.

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Most people, like myself get so jealous of people who can jazz up their futons Brittni. You should appreciate that talent. Loved the patchwork cushions.


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I’m looking for the black and white pillow and blanket, do you remember where they came from? Thanks!

Sue Smith

I just want a closet of throw pillows for every season. Love the ones you chose for the couch!


You’ve done an incredible work styling this space for Fall! Very warm and inviting

Corina Nika

Sources for the pillows?


Thanks Michelle! Happy to hear you like it.


That looks so beautiful, thank you for the tips!

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