Nailed It: Asymmetric Scallop Nail Art Tutorial

By Brittni • Updated on 07/07/2021

Asymmetric Scallop Nail Art Tutorial

Whenever we brainstorm new nail art tutorials around here, Rachel and I always talk about the kinds of designs that would be the easiest to recreate at home that still make an impact beyond just a solid color manicure.

And this one definitely checks off the boxes…it’s easy to pull off on your own AND creates a pretty unique look that you can replicate over and over again.

Click through for the step by step tutorial on asymmetric scallop nails…


You’ll need 2 nail polishes in your fave colors, a clear base coat, and a top coat.


Prep nails with clear base coat. Then paint each nail with your chosen base color. Wait for that coat to dry completely before applying another coat if necessary.

Asymmetric Scallop Nail Art Tutorial

Once nails are dry, create the scallop design with the second nail polish color using quick upward strokes. Start on one side of the nail and work your way up toward the opposite side, creating shorter and shorter scallops as you go (like the picture). This will create a unique, asymmetric look.

We only did 2-3 scallops per nail to keep it from getting too crazy.

Asymmetric Scallop Nail Art Tutorial

Continue the process on all of your nails, then give them a few minutes to dry before adding a top top.

Asymmetric Scallop Nail Art Tutorial

Pretty easy, right? You won’t even need any special tools…though you can always use a nail tool or paint brush to create the scallops if you prefer. It’s really just a preference thing.

Asymmetric Scallop Nail Art Tutorial

Asymmetric Scallop Nail Art Tutorial

Nails and hand modeling Rachel Anne
Photography Amelia Tatnall
Art direction Brittni Mehlhoff

Think you’ll give this asymmetric design a try? What other color combos do you think would look good for this one?

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This is so simple, and looks so wonderful! Thanks for sharing!


I would definitely give it a try, Sydney. It’s one of the easiest nail projects we’ve done so far (and probably one of my favorites too).


Wow that looks so easy! I always struggle with doing my nails! I am giving this one a shot!

Sydney |


Thanks Emma. 🙂


Love this look!! So cute! x

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