Get Real Tuesday: Behind the Scenes

By Brittni • posted on 02/14/2024

Behind the Scenes // Photobombing Cat

Because, in my mind, Tuesdays are the day that I really just let it all hang out, I have a little Behind the Scenes update to share with you just how fancy things are around here lately. Read: Not at all fancy. Not at all.

I mean, there’s certainly no shortage of colorful ice cream sandwiches, but there’s also the occasional fur ball tumbleweed that gently floats into said ice cream sandwiches because I haven’t swept the floor in over a week.

That said, here are a few photos that capture a little bit more of the realness that goes on behind the scenes.

Behind the Scenes // Photobombing Cat

That time when Franz photo bombed a DIY series that I put together for Handmade Charlotte (photographed by Heidi Geldhauser). See all 3 DIYs I created for Handmade Charlotte here: one // two // three.

Sure, he’s cute and cuddly, but he also sheds a lot. So, it’s kind of a trade off. As evidenced a little bit further down in this post.

Behind the Scenes // Covering up a hole in the wall with artwork.

Behind the Scenes // Covering up a hole in the wall with artwork.

Oh, what? That little hole in the wall that I didn’t finish up before my office makeover shoot. Yeah, that’s no problem. I’ll just tape a piece of artwork over it. See. Problem solved. Don’t worry. I’ve since put the plastic protective plate over this hole. So it’s nice and safe now. Promise.

(office photos above taken by Kimberly Murray for Paper & Stitch)

Behind the Scenes // Giant Backdrops really come in handy.

Behind the Scenes // giant photo backdrops really come in handy

When you need your couch to face a certain way (in the name of natural light), but the wall behind the couch is in shadow, you go ahead and fake it with a giant backdrop board. See the textile tutorial for this pillow here.

Extra glamour points for the broom handles in this photo (on the far right before photo). See, I have a broom. I just don’t use it much.

Behind the Scenes // Styled food and recipe setup.

Behind the Scenes // Styled food and recipe setup

And finally…the fur tumbleweed scenario….If you look closely, you can see ’em piling up to the right, by the stairs. Yep, that’s how I roll. I have three animals roaming the halls (and stairways) around here. Enough said. Recipe for these stroopwafel ice cream sandwiches here.

What ‘get real’ moments do you have to share today?

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Love that you share these little peeks into your work! 🙂

Madison Beaulieu

You are such a real, positive and fresh blogger! That’s exactly why I love your blog so much! I adore these Backstage looks 😉

Monique | WritingMonique

This is brilliant! I should do one one these, cue lots if shots of my kitten Bert sniffing ingredients I’m trying to artfully photograph! Xx

Georgina | The Librarian


Now i’m feelin’ good. lol.
KRT: Keeping it Real Tuesdays!

sharon /

This made my day, oddly enough.

I love getting behind the scenes looks at well, anything. It’s always great to have a reminder that the photo and reality might look completely different. 🙂

Happy Tuesday!


Haha I love this post! My husband is always making fun of me for the things I’ll do for a good picture!



Glad to hear that Stacey. 🙂 The giant board back there is actually a large piece of wood from the hardware store, that we painted and primed. I just bought the largest sheets that I could fit in my car (I don’t remember the exact size right now, but I think each one was $10). I have some other ones that are painted colors, in case I need bright backdrops, which you can see in this post: . Anyway, hope that helps!


I love how you show the “realness” behind the blogger. Thank you for being awesome! :] Also, what kind of whiteboard did you use to help capture natural light?


Aw, thanks Kel! And your #cantcropthis series on Insta is one of my faves.


These are hilarious, B! Your behind the scenes posts are some of my faves.

Kelly @ Studio DIY

Haha. Thanks Becky. Always up for a reality check around here. 🙂


Ha! Covering up the old light switch spot is my favorite! Totally understand! Thanks for the dose of reality 🙂

Becky @dempsterlogbook

Ha! Thanks Tegan and Nicole.


This is great! I’m getting some quality photo inspiration here. haha.
Tegan xx – Permanent Procrastination


These are great!! i go through similar craziness when taking photos too!

Nicole Underwood
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