So Fresh and So Clean: The 8 Bath / Body Products that I Can’t Live Without

By Brittni • Updated on 02/05/2019

So Fresh and So Clean: The 8 Bath / Body Products that I Can't Live Without

I’m no beauty blogger, BUT I’ve spent a lot of time (and money) trying to figure out the best bath and body products over the years and wanted to share my absolute favorites with you in spite of that.

So, if you’re looking for suggestions for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand cream, etc be sure to check this one out. These are the bath/body products I can’t live without…

1. Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm from Aesop $27. It smells so good! I keep one in my purse and one in the bathroom. Best hand cream, imo. Jeff steals this one from me relatively frequently.

2. Coconut Oil from Cocovit $38. I use this coconut oil for sooo many things…shaving cream for my legs, a moisturizer for my skin after I get out of the shower, makeup remover (on occasion), etc. It’s organic, raw coconut oil. You can absolutely find a more affordable coconut oil btw, but I’m partial to this one. So there you go.

3. Dry Brush $8. I use a dry brush a few days a week. It’s supposed to increase circulation, exfoliate the skin, and reduce cellulite. And to be honest, I’m not 100% sure it does much more than exfoliate. But that’s enough for me – and it looks cute in my bathroom.

4. Awaken Purifying Detox Body Wash from The Seaweed Bath Co $15. Jeff grabbed this at Whole Foods once (also available on Amazon) to try it when we were out of our old body wash and we both ended up loving it. It smells really good and is vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, and paraben free.

5. Gentle Body Wash from Sisters $22. I bought this for a couple of reasons…I had heard good things about it AND they donate 40% of their profits to women’s health. Plus, I liked the packaging. Yes, I’m a sucker for good packaging. Who isn’t?! 

I don’t use this body wash as much as the one from Seaweed Bath Co, but that’s solely because I like the smell of the seaweed one better. BUT this is worth giving a try if you’re looking for something new…It’s formulated without any harmful sulfates, parabens, chemical preservatives, etc and is safe for the whole family. Sisters also has a shampoo and conditioner, but I haven’t tried those, so I can’t say one way or another there.

6. Dallas Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner from R and Co $26 and $27. I used to use the thickening shampoo, but I use something else now (see below). So, I moved this one into the guest bathroom for guests. AND everyone that’s tried it, says something about it…even my Dad loved it so I bought him some and mailed it to him after his visit. Jeff loves it too. So, if you’re looking for a thickening shampoo, I highly recommend this one.

7. T/Sal Shampoo from Neutrogena $14. Obviously, this one isn’t the coolest recommendation on my list BUT I use it and I like it. I am one of those people who has dandruff and general scalp build up (glamorous, I know) and this stuff really helps. So, for shampoo I use the T/Sal and then I use R & Co conditioner.

8. Native Deodorant $12. I don’t know if this really fits the category, but I wanted to share it anyway. I’ve been searching for an aluminum free deodorant that actually works (and isn’t insanely expensive – some are priced at more than $30) for way too long. And this one is it! There are more than 7,000 5 star reviews for this product btw. So I’m not alone.

What are your fave bath and body products? Did any of your must-haves make the cut? If not, I’d love to hear what products you can’t live without. Let me know in the comments below.

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