36 Amazing Black Owned Businesses to Shop/Support + My Action Plan Moving Forward

By Brittni • posted on 02/15/2024

Black-owned businesses in fashion, home, kids, beauty, and more.

Firstly, I want to be clear in stating that Black lives matter and what has happened and continues to happen in this country to Black people is absolutely unacceptable, to put it mildly.

I personally have so much work to do, to support the Black community in the way they deserve to be supported and in educating myself in anti-racism. But I hope this list is helpful to anyone who wants to support Black people with their dollars right now (and years from now).

Before I share anything, there are amazing anti-racism resources being put together to educate non-black people, like myself, on anti-racism. Like this anti-racism resources document and this list of ways you can help. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend starting there. And if you are able to donate, here are a handful of organizations to look into: Black Lives Matter / Color of Change / Black Visions Collective / Loveland Foundation / The Conscious Kid.

And after that, if you have the financial ability to make any purchases, here are some amazing black owned businesses you can support simply by buying something from them. *I shared these shops on Instagram here as well, if it’s easier to click over to IG handles instead.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s a place to start. If you have any suggestions for additional brands / companies to include, please feel free to comment on this post or email me directly.

9 photos of various Black-owned businesses in the categories of fashion, home, kids, beauty, and more.

Two Days Off

I love this sustainable clothing line, created by Gina Stovall – a geologist and earth scientist who originally created Two Days Off after learning about the environmental impact of the fashion industry. Each piece is made in Los Angeles. In addition to clothing, there are also cool accessories and other things on the Two Days Off site, like zero-waste bento bags.

Portrait Coffee

This coffee shop is in Atlanta, which makes it even more special (since I lived in ATL for 5 years). And look at that packaging! I just bought this candle, which people are raving about. So, even if you’re not a coffee person, you can find something here.

Clare Paints

You know that I love to paint stuff and maybe you do too? Of course you do! Check out Clare paints when you need to paint a room, a piece of furniture, etc. All the paints are zero VOC, GREENGUARD Gold certified, and ultra low odor! Interior designer, Nicole Gibbons, who is the founder of Clare, started the company to offer an easy way to shop for paint. And the paint colors available are SO good!

Bolé Road Textiles

Brooklyn based designer Hana Getachew started Bolé Road Textiles out of a desire to merge her love of Ethiopian handwoven fabrics with her career in interior design. All of these pieces you’ll find here are handwoven in Ethiopia.

Taylor + Max

Love this kids shop! Taylor + Max carries brands like Misha and Puff, Olli Ella, 1+ In The Family, Briar Handmade, and Rylee + Cru / Quincy Mae. So, if you’re in need of some kids clothing (or toys / decor), head over and support this adorable shop.

Zou Xou

Obsessed with these Zou Xou shoes, created by Katherine Theobalds. And even more so because the entire collection is sustainable, unfussy, and cool.

Onyx Fiber Arts

A one-woman operation making beautifully dyed yarns for all of your DIY projects! Adria is the one who dyes, ships, takes photos, and everything else.


Designer Sade Mims creates the beautiful pieces you’ll find at EDAS. Jewelry and accessories.

Aliya Wanek

I want so many of the pieces I just found at ALIYA WANEK! All of the clothing from this brand is made ethically and sustainably. And Aliya often sews the garments herself, when she’s not working with a production sewer and other local contractors in the Bay Area to produce and dye her garments.

Various photos of Black-owned businesses in fashion, home, kids, beauty, and more.

Utility Objects

Minimal (beautiful) ceramics made by Aleisha Ellis – inspired by the Shibui aesthetic, a Japanese ceramic style that is organic with subtle details and textures. Made in Atlanta.


The Jungalow started as a design blog (written / created by Justina Blakeney) and has turned into a full-blown decorating movement, shop, and lifestyle brand guaranteed to make you smile. Especially if you’re a plant lover! Although Jungalow is so much more than that. 

Aff and Jam

Handprinted wearable art, made by two artists in London. The name Off and Jam comes from their roots: Africa and Jamaica.

Studio Nom

The geometric wallhangings at Studio Nom are so unique!


I love linen! Linen bedding, linen towels. All of it. And I know many of you reading this do too. Jason Evege, founder of Linoto, carries 100% linen in his shop for the bed, bath, and home (bedding, towels, kitchen / dining, and curtains) – that is all made in the USA.

Tactile Matter

Tactile Matter is the work of artist Kenesha Sneed. In her shop, you’ll find prints and textiles.

Me-Charis Handmade Dolls

The handmade dolls from Me-Charis are so perfect and sweet.

Oui the People

Oui the People has the chicest razors and shave gel I have ever seen. Seriously, you have to check it out.

Elan Byrd

I’m so excited to have found Elan Byrd’s art. Her work is beautiful AND completely sold out atm (for good reason). But I’m hoping when she adds new pieces I can snag one.

Black-owned businesses in fashion, home, kids, beauty, and more.

Elia Vintage

If you’re into vintage fashion, you have to check out Elia Vintage! I literally love every piece…and how they’re all styled too.

Sun and Lace

What a cute shoe and accessories shop for kids! The shoes are my favorite though.

Tracie Hervy Ceramics

With an MFA in ceramics from RISD (which was my dream school when I was planning for college), Tracie Hervy makes gorgeous, minimal pieces inspired by the simplicity of prehistoric vessels. 

Denniston House

Bookmark this shop if you love vintage housewares. There are so many amazing pieces – bowls, glassware, ceramics, etc.

Soukie Modern

If you have an obsession with Moroccan rugs (and I do), you have to check out Soukie Modern! There are lots of other things to check out in this shop too, not just rugs.

Tree Fairfax

Tree Fairfax has the cutest handmade leather goods. I especially love the crossbody bags.


Goodee is one of my top shopping destinations right now for all things home. They carry amazing pieces from a variety of brands. But the best part is that everything on their site is ethically made and transparently sourced!

I have been eyeing these ecoBirdy kid tables and chairs for months and just found this sculptural basket / vessel by Baba Tree that is mesmerizing.

Nur Ceramics

Made by Dina Nur Satti, every piece at Nur Ceramics is so damn cool. Must be why almost everything in her shop is currently sold out. This footed ritual bowl is one of my faves.

Goodnight Darling Co

I love the mission of this company! They sell cute stuff to help you sleep better – from candles and bath soaks to tea blends and pillow spray. Who couldn’t use a little extra help getting a good night’s sleep?!

Black-owned businesses in fashion, home, kids, beauty, and more.

Jade Swim

I love the minimal swimwear of Jade Swim. And they’re made in LA.


Natural products for bath time, made by Kathy Fraser. Milked uses food-grade oils, natural and cosmetic-grade colorants, and paraben/phthalate-free fragrance oils or all-natural essential oils.


This site is awesome! It’s an all natural marketplace by all Black artisans.

Brave + Kind Bookshop

If you’re looking for books now or anytime in the future, supporting small, independent bookstore like Brave + Kind, means much more that shop owner than a couple of clicks on Amazon. This bookstore is also based in Atlanta (Decatur to be specific) and there are loads of great books to choose from for kids in the online shop. AND you can email them with a list of books you want to order if you don’t see them online too.

I recently found and ordered the book You Matter on Brave + Kind and it is such a cool book. It’s written and illustrated by Christian Robinson, who has illustrated so many amazing books.


Super cute fabric wraps for gifting, pillows, and more.

Isobel & Cleo

This cool knitwear shop sells knit clothing, accessories, and some knitting patterns too. Love this summer tank.


I love anything plant dyed and if you do too, you gotta check out Sacko. Everything is small batch, hand dyed and/or second hand garments using 100% natural plant extracts. Mostly for kiddos.

Chelsea Bravo

Signature loose, airy silhouettes and painted patterns are what you’ll find at Chelsea Bravo. I could totally picture myself living in this summer dress.

Estelle Colored Glass

Bet you can’t look at the glassware at Estelle Colored Glass without a smile on your face. It’s an immediate mood boost, with all the bright colors.

Actions Steps for Paper and Stitch

Moving forward, I wanted to share how I am taking action personally and professionally, to be as transparent as possible.

I will continue to educate myself on anti-racism and stand up for injustices when I see them in my own community and online. And listen and learn from the Black community.
I will teach my son about racism and anti-racism and lead by example to stand up for what is right.
I will support Black lives directly with my dollars, by shopping with Black owned businesses more and donating to organizations that empower Black people and/or fight racial injustices. For the month of May, I have donated a portion of my profits to The Loveland Foundation and in June I have donated to The Conscious Kid’s Anti-Racist Childrens Books Education Fund
I will include more Black artists, designers, businesses owners and creatives in the content that I share here and on the site.
This is something that I take seriously and will be working on forever and I will continue to add to and evolve with. If you ever have any questions, suggestions, or constructive criticism for me, my DMs and email are always open.


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Thank you for your list of businesses owned and operated by Black people. I am a person of color and I like seeing diversity in my life, personal and business. People of color including Black folks are movers and shakers too and this time is just as ripe to display the diversity that exists in the business world.

Thank you.


I agree with Kellumvik. By supporting a business because the owner is black is creating racism. Shopping at a business should be based on the product and quality of service. Not because a woman owns it or a black person owns it. Just like when you are hiring someone for a job. It all should be based on performance. Treat everyone equally and all is good.


I am thrilled with your collection of Black business options! This has nothing to do with segregation, it has to do with choice. Listings of businesses owned/run by women, or by abuse survivors is never questioned, because supporting the cause is important. I want to support Black business….and knowing where they are is a great help……Thanks!!

Faith Mattison

While I certainly agree that BLM, AND they are not treated equally with our police, I do not agree to continue to separate the colors are people are suggesting by putting ‘black businesses’ on the radar. Business should be judged by their concept or at the very least but their practices and to suggest we should buy from a ‘black business’ is to continue to segregate.

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