Breakfast is Served: Cereal Pops to Kick Off the New Year

By Brittni • Updated on 01/05/2015

Recipe // Cereal Pops

Oh, goodness! I can’t believe that it’s already time to get back to work. Happy 2015!

If I’m being honest, it’s probably going to be a few days before I can get my brain back into work mode. Are you feeling it this morning too? BUT I came up with a sweet way to jumpstart the day…or at least convince myself (and maybe you too) to wake up early this morning.

Breakfast in a popsicle…cereal pops!

They may sounds a little crazy, but they’re good. I promise. Even if you don’t eat them first thing in the morning. There’s a little ice cream involved anyway, so you may want to hold out until lunch on these. Depending on how much motivation you need to get out of bed in the morning. 

Here’s what you need to make your own…

Yum. Cereal Popsicles.


  • 2 cups of Fruity Pebbles cereal (or your favorite cereal)
  • 3-4 cups of vanilla almond milk (or regular milk)
  • 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream

Recipe Instructions:

1. Start by pouring the cereal into a large bowl, then pouring the milk on top. Let the cereal sit for 10-15 minutes. This will get the milk nice a sugary to create cereal milk.

2. While you’re waiting, put two scoops of vanilla ice cream into a bowl and let it melt completely.

3. Once the cereal milk is ready, pour the cereal and cereal milk into the bowl with the melted ice cream and mix together. *You can remove the cereal before the step if you prefer. Up to you.

4. Pour the mixture into popsicles molds and put them in the freezer for 45 minutes. Then, remove the popsicles from the freezer, add popsicle sticks, and put back in the freezer until completely frozen. Roughly 4 hours.

Cereal Pops Recipe

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff 

If Fruity Pebbles aren’t your thing, you can very easily switch the cereal out for one of your faves. There are so many possibilities with this…like peanut butter Captain Crunch, which I imagine would be SUPER good. I have the taste buds of a ten year old.

Think you’ll give these popsicles a try? And if so, what kind of cereal do you think you’ll use.

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Are you for ceREAL? – thebaegel

Hi Brittni!

Just stopping by to say – we made this recipe with chocolate rice krispies and it was spectacular! Great share! Thanks so much!

: ) Mads

Madison Beaulieu

They look amazing! I will definitely be giving these a go soon (: xx


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happy friday | simple & chic

Yum they look sooo good! It is summer here in Australia so these are perfect! I will definetly try them. Thanks for sharing.

Sarah @ Bonjour Sucre

Okay, this sounds (and looks) AMAZING. Saving to try this out. Brilliant! I need to go buy popsicle molds now. 🙂

<3 Kelsea | Kels Shark

Kelsea Echo

Woah, these look absolutely delicious! Thinking I should get a variety of cereals and make these for a fun brunchy party in the warmer months. Thanks for sharing!


Always Me

This is awesome! My little would love this. I must try :).



This looks incredible! I love how fun this looks!

Monique | WritingMonique

How Fun! I never would have thought about eating cereal in popsicle form but this seems actually wonderful and I cant wait to try!


These look super tasty! I can’t wait to make them. I’d love it if you checked out my blog! Thank you 🙂 Oh, and happy new year!

Daydreams Like Stars

Happy New Year! This looks so good! The fact that this recipe combines two of my favourite things is great. I would maybe try with Lucky Charms or Frosted Flakes cereals that I find have a nice cereal milk.


Oh wow these are so cute – I love them! They sound really delicious too! I would get out of bed for this 🙂

Carolyn Selheim-Miller

What a clever idea! Looks scrumptious!


This is seriously the best looking thing I’ve ever seen 😀

Korallia – CorallBlogs


Definitely brings back childhood memories, Kel…though I just ate a bowl of Fruity Pebbles last week…so maybe it’s just for kids at heart.


DELICIOUS! This is like childhood in a popsicle. I gotta try these!

Kelly @ Studio DIY

Aw, thanks Rachel. 🙂 Happy 2015 to you too!


These look delicious Brittni! Your photography and styling is on point as ever too. Happy 2015 🙂

Rachel | The Crafted Life

Thanks Rhiannon. Happy new year to you!


This is really a creative recipe – love seeing new ideas!

rhiannon {paperclips and peonies}
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