Bring It: Business Card Inspiration

By Brittni • Updated on 02/15/2024

the most beautiful business cards ever

I’m in the midst of redesigning my business cards at the moment because as much as I love my letterpress ones from last year, half of the info printed on it no longer applies. And I’m headed to Salt Lake City for two business events in less than a week. So, I don’t have much time to finish the new ones. Bummer. But as much as my procrastination sucks at this point, I’m enjoying it (kind of) – Always up for a challenge. Trying to see the positive here. 

So as I’m hurriedly working on my new cards, I thought I’d roundup some biz card inspiration for anyone that is in the same boat as me, and could use a little inspiration. Procrastinators unite!

(above) I’m pretty sure these are the most gorgeous business cards I’ve ever seen.

Biz Card Inspiration // Alex Poulsen Architects

These cards prove that a great logo and simple color scheme can go a long way.

Cool Business Cards // Kate Roxs

And that goes for this one too.

business card inspiration // the edging!

Oh, goodness! The edging on these biz cards. I could drool.

cool business cards // roundup on Paper & Stitch

These are great too.

Business Card Inspiration // Hey Days

Can’t go wrong with black and white, especially with these black business cards with white text.

super thick business cards

Look how thick these biz cards are. Amazing.

Business Cards from Paper & Stitch

And here are my old biz cards. Designed by my friend Jordan Brantley and printed by 42 Pressed.

What do your dream business cards look like? Any fun ideas that you’re dying to execute?

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nice post ever.

Zara Brown

Ahhh these are awesome!!! I love unique and typographically beautiful business cards! Thoroughly inspired.


These are fantastic…I also love, love the ones with the yellow edges.

Mariah-Food, Booze, & Baggage

They are very nice assortment of business cards, but I like your old ones the most, original and says everything you need on one small card.

Yasko :))

I always love your biz card round-ups, & can’t wait to see what your next design is!


oh la la…love the inspiration! Its always so hard to settle on one idea isn’t it!!! Anyways good luck with the biz card process, can’t wait to see what you creativeness you come up with.


These are all seriously drool-worthy. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Becca || Ladyface Blog


These are so awesome! I have been needing some business card inspiration too! Procrastination: Getting things done…eventually.

Thanks for posting these!


This inspires me to find a new job that provides business cards! & once K’s office moves, she’ll be getting new business cards – but not until June!

xo, B


Love all of these! Especially the black ones.


That gold edging! HOLY MOLY! I loved your biz cards last year Britt, can’t wait to see what you come up with this time!

Kelly @ Studio DIY

I love the creativity graphic designers take with business cards – there’s so little space so have to utilize it to its fullest potentially using typography and minimal graphics.

There is a “Divorce lawyer” business card that I thought was clever (you can tear the card in two with the dotted line in the middle). Great ideas and inspiring!


Wow! Love the business cards you posted! Especially the one with the gold edging. <3


Can’t argue with that Heather. I definitely tend to think that thicker is better when it comes to business cards. Thanks for stopping by.


Love the business card inspiration! I absolutely love all the ones you posted. I think thicker cards are fab, with colorful edging. Brings even more personality into them.


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