Bring It: More Business Card Inspiration

By Brittni • posted on 02/13/2024

carnival inspired business cards

This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about business cards. Most likely because I have a conference coming up soon (I’m speaking at Blog Fete this September…Will you be there?) and I may want to do a little update to my cards. So I thought I might as well put together a roundup of my favorite designs from around the web, as of late…

(above) Brittany Watson Jepsen’s business cards are kind of perfect. Each carnival ticket, stamped with Brittany’s contact info, is fun, playful, and original. Just like her.

Of course, I also have some (slightly) more traditional biz card favorites (in the sense that they are the traditional shape, but anything but when it comes to design). Check ’em out…


I kind of can’t get enough of the floral pattern on black background from these beauties (Jessica Comingore).


Love the color and lettering on Molly Jacques’ business cards. Don’t you? 

gold edging // business cards

And look at these gilded edges! They are so shiny, I feel like I could almost see my reflection in them if I was holding them in my hand. So neat.

business cards // kraft + letterpress

It’s official. Kraft paper plus letterpress business cards never fail. Period.

business card edging diy

And I like these graphic black and white cards from Frou Studio.

stamped business cards

This branded set of stamped business cards and tags is pretty great.

stamped wood business cards

And another cool stamped biz card, this time on wood. Can’t hate on that!

black and gold business card inspiration

And finally, this combo of black and gold from Bib & Tucker is pretty awesome. Agree?

Curious to know… Do you have a favorite from this list of nine? I’d love to hear your pick in the comments. Feel free to share your own biz card links too. I would love to check out any suggestions you might have. And, if you’re looking for more business card inspiration, there’s plenty more, right here.

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Lovely links | the green gables blog

I love my business cards! I ordered them from They are die cut in a cloud-like shape that mimics our logo, and they’re made of brown kraft paper. We get tons of compliments, and they’re great quality!

Jennifer Bierds

[…] Bring It: More Business Card Inspiration […]

Blog Roundup

Great round up! One can NEVER go wrong with Letterpress printed cards!!


I just ordered some business cards and wish I would have seen this post first! I love all of these fun designs, but I am especially drawn to the Kraft paper plus letterpress.

Jackie B

oh ZING those are beautiful… my favourites are the floral backed one… seriously gorgeous… and the big old wooden stamp one! gotta say they are all great, and inspiring indeed as i am in need of new biz cards!

lyndsay // coco cake land

I really love the kraft + letterpress (or letterpress on anything), and the gilded edges. My business cards are super boring ($10, one-sided matte from a cheap online company), but I technically don’t really have a business, so I guess they’ll do for now. These are all gorgeous inspiration.


I love the Molly Jacques business card! I’ve been eyeing business card stampers myself. Groupon has a great deal on Mason Row stampers right now, so I just bought one for my Etsy business.

Jennifer :: Creative Scatter

I love the floral patterned ones and Molly Jacques’ business cards! Both are so great. I love business card roundups. They are so interesting to look at and very inspiring. I look forward to (and somewhat dread) creating my own sometime soon! So many different ideas/choices to make.

Julie Kuberski

Love the stamp card on wood!


love these ideas! especially the gold guilded edge ones & the stamps. thanks for sharing 🙂
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I LOVE business cards! They not only just serve their function by providing the contact info, but they are a fabulous way to get a sense of someone’s style and personality. Quirky, vintage, sleek, sophisticated–I love ’em all!

Monique Bartley

These are all gorgeous!
Personally I’m going the stamped card route, on 100% post consumer card stock 🙂


Letterpress cards have lovely luxury feel to them.
Also really like the edge colouring – a nice touch.

Paper Acrobat

Wow, some absolute gorgeous cards. I really like the business card stamp concept!

Abbey @ OneTrueTree

you’re so sweet. I was just thinking that I need to make real biz cards…maybe I’ll keep them the same!


Perfect timing Brittni! This is the week for my biz card re-design and I’ll be gathering my own inspiration too. Thanks for giving me a head start! I love the floral pattern. Mine will have an image on one side too, and I love the simplicity of the other side.

Brittany | The Home Ground

drool, drool, drool!! They are ALL so lovely!

Nicole Underwood

These are some seriously fabulous business cards. I love the letterpressed Molly Jacques/Kat Hamidi cards, and the cards with the diamond logo and gilded edges!! The ones with the floral print on the back are lovely as well.

Thanks for sharing. Love seeing graphic design inspiration.

Alex from

Alexandra Pettinato

Thank you so much for sharing these! I keep meaning to put business cards at the top of my project list, but keep putting it off due to some serious indecision. I love the business card and tag collection as well as the black and gold. So pretty!



Thanks for the feature, Brittni! Love this round up… they are all right up my alley- neutral but bold and graphic.

I can’t wait to see some of the link up’s here. I love me some good biz card inspiration!

Alyssa Hoffman

I need to get business cards made. I’m going to ease into it… and by ease into it, I mean get them from Vista Print. hahaha.

My 2 favs are the gilded ones and the Kraft paper ones. You seriously cant go wrong with Kraft paper and a little gold never hurt anyone. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you decide to do!


I love the stamped business card!

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