Cheap and Chic Gift Wrapping Idea

By Brittni • posted on 07/06/2021

wrapping ideas from papernstitch

Here’s an idea for  wrapping your gifts this year. Its super inexpensive. In fact, I used materials that I already had around the house- so it literally cost me nothing. I just used a brown craft box, a vintage library card with envelope and some string. I wrote a note on the library card, stuck it into the envelope and attached it to the front of the box. Then I wrapped the box with string several times and tied it in to a bow.

wrapping ideas from papernstitch

Don’t have these supplies? Don’t worry you can still get this look for free! Here’s how… Use a brown paper bag from the grocery store. Cut it so its flat and cover a box you already have. Then use these free downloadable library cards from Creature Comforts. And finally, use any kind of string you have available to finish the look (this could be yarn, twine, even dental floss, whatever you have lying around).

And if you want to add some extra flare, just create a paper holiday ornament on your computer. Print it out and cut to shape. Then attach underneath the string.

wrapping ideas from papernstitch

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Here’s the updated link Tiffany:


What a cool idea! Sadly, the link to the downloadable library card is broken 🙁


I must run to library tomorrow an ask for some unused ones. What an idea!

Marta Spendowska

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Oh my goodness! So smart and so very lovely!


OMG!!!! this is perfect! i have a library-loving, bookloving best friend!
will definitely do this for her. THANK YOU!


Omg. Seriously, library cards?! Must get ink for printer now!! I adore this idea!


When I first saw the thumbnail on flickr I thought it was a reusable giftbox where one records the date and who it’s to/from on the library card then the recipient passes it on to the next person. It would be fun to see it travel around the family.


Super cute! I am currently having a great time scrounging around my house in search of similar no cost wrapping solutions…it’s like a treasure hunt! 🙂


What a fantastic and cute idea! I will have to give this a try as I have quite a few paper doilies laying around. Thanks!

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