5 Last Minute Tips for Holiday Sales


Hello! Are you selling your creative wares this holiday season? I’m Tricia McKellar, founder of Wonder Thinking: indie biz tips for your success and indie biz owner, guest posting again this week with tips for your business. As an online seller, I have a few tips for last minute holiday sales.

Last Minute Tips for Holiday Sales in Your Online Shop:

1. Ready to ship. If your items are ready to ship, let people know. Don’t be shy. Include the phrase “ready to ship” in the item title or description, it’s a subtle call to action to your buyer to buy now.

2. How fast will it get there? Let people know how quickly you can ship. Many people are keen to know if you can get their package in the mail by the next day.

3. Packaging. Show photos of how your item is packaged or any gift cards or “about the artist cards” you include with purchases. Help your buyers envision your item as a gift.

4. Use testimonials to convince buyers that your items are popular. Ease your buyers’ minds and let them know your items make great gifts. Use testimonials or put a link to your feedback page within your listings.

5. Where are you? List your location with city (and neighboring towns if close), state, country. Don’t make people guess which Charleston you’re in. Local folks may ask if they can pick up or meet you somewhere.

What are your tips for last minute holiday sales?

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Thanks for the great last minute tips! I just updated my descriptions to include “ready to ship”!

– Rachael Brooke

Rachael Brooke

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5 Last Minute Tips Holiday Sales in Your Online Shop

GREAT thoughts…i love a beautiful package, to me that is a selling point

red or gray art
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