Click. Click. 9 Photography Tips.

Obsessing over your product photography? Not sure how to get the perfect shot with your point-and-shoot or DSLR?

Don’t worry! You can totally do this.

Great photos are just a couple of clicks away. And to make things a little less overwhelming and a lot more doable, here are nine photography articles that will help you turn your photo duds into total delights.

1. above Create a simple portrait setup with natural light + white reflector (via Savor Photography blog).

2. Ten (photography) things not to do from Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess.

3. Lindsay of Shrimp Salad Circus shares 5 secrets to great product shots.

4. Go behind the scenes with Lauren Elise in her studio while she shoots her latest diy.

5. Putting together a mini in-home studio (via Clickin Moms)

6. How to photograph your embroidery (via Stitch Punk)

7. Top ten tips for better product photography (from papernstitch – that’s me)

8. Photography school with Camille Styles – all about aperture.

9. Learn how to make an animated GIF using your newly awesome photographs with the help of my Seattle buddy Jenny from Hank & Hunt.

Want more? Visit my photography tips and tricks pinboards now.

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Having trouble getting your shot just right with a point-and-shoot or DSLR?

Nichole (@nikkihoyhoy)

great post!! i love it!!


so much good advice! Thanks @papernstitch click-click-9-photography-tips

Douglas Sweets (@DouglasSweets)

Photographing my product has always been my weakness but this post is so great, I might actually cross this off my list of things to improve this year! Thanks!

Two Pooch Paperie

Great Tips for Product Photography –

(@Pretty_Boutique) (@Pretty_Boutique)

Paperstitch tips: Click. Click. 9 Photography Tips.

(@SFetsy) (@SFetsy)

Click. Click. 9 Photography Tips.

Gina Sekelsky (@GinaSekelsky)

Thanks so much for sharing the product photography post from my blog! I’m definitely going to be reading all the other articles you’ve linked up – you can never learn too much about photography!

Lindsay - Shrimp Salad Circus

Fab roundup of links to top tips from 9 photographers – Click. Click. 9 Photography Tips. | papernstitch

(@GetItScrapped) (@GetItScrapped)

Looks great share. However, I also want to share some even budget home studio where everyone can seek out at the local store , besides the white background seamless or waterproof material for studio , actually, glass also one of great material for product photography, may be just find anywhere from home that you have a flat glass table or so on , that you can do a balance composition via reflection of the glass too ! Still, everything is brilliant for most of the stuff here. =)

Alan Chin Weng Lon

Thanks! You’ve pulled together some great ideas and techniques.


Hey Jessica! Your product shots are gorgeous, but it never hurts to get a little variety in there and experiment to see what works best with your photographs for capturing customer’s attention, driving more sales, getting more press mention, etc. The key is maintaining consistency with your styling while having a variety of shots/ backgrounds, etc. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


Thanks for sharing. I’ve been struggling with my product photography. I was wondering if I should continue shooting the same way or change my backgrounds. So I will try and think of other ways to shoot my jewelry. Thanks!


RT @papernstitch: Click. Click. 9 Photography Tips.: Obsessing over your product photography? Not sure how to…

(@laurenelise85) (@laurenelise85)

Hey Kerry! Funny how things present themselves exactly when you need it sometimes, huh? I love it. Thanks for stopping by!


Thanks Brittni! I just got a new camera and was about to look for some articles. So thrilled that you rounded these up. Big smiles!


Click. Click. 9 Photography Tips.

Kim Wedlock (@Peachesnpebbles)

Love these articles! I can never have too many tips! Thanks so much for sharing!

Connie @ Daydream In Color

For all you artists and crafters out there, check out this #blog with great photography tips!

(@Lu_and_Ed) (@Lu_and_Ed)

RT @papernstitch: Click. Click. 9 Photography Tips.: Obsessing over your product photography? Not sure how to…

(@Lu_and_Ed) (@Lu_and_Ed)
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