Color Blocked Chocolate Bark with Edible Flower Sprinkles

By Brittni • posted on 01/03/2016

Color Blocked Chocolate Bark Recipe with Edible Flower Sprinkles

If you’ve been around here long, you know that I love flowers and I love food (specifically of the sugary variety). So, I thought I would combine the two in a colorful DIY recipe that is oh so sweet. You game?

Here’s how to make color blocked chocolate bark with edible flower confetti…

Chocolate Bark with Edible Flower Sprinkles

Supplies and Ingredients:

white chocolate candy melts // gel food coloring // edible flowers (I found mine at Whole Foods) // colorful sprinkles (optional) // wax paper // sheet pan // wooden spoon // flat spatula // wooden skewers

How to Make Color Blocked Chocolate Bark


1. Melt the chocolate according to the directions on the packaging, either on the stovetop or microwave.

2. Separate the melted chocolate into 2 containers and add gel food coloring to each one. I chose violet and pink for my colors.

3. Then, pour the melted chocolate onto a sheet pan that has been covered with wax paper. Keep the half of the pan one color and the other half the second color to get a color blocked look. Smooth with a flat spatula, if needed.

4. Next, remove the petals from your edible flowers. And while the chocolate is still in a liquid state on the pan, sprinkle the flower petals over the top of the chocolate.

5. Add colorful sprinkles as well, if desired.

6. Then wait for the chocolate to harden completely. You can speed this process up by putting the pan into the fridge.

7. Once the chocolate is completely hardened, use the back of a wooden spoon to break the chocolate up into pieces of bark, as shown in the photos.

Recipe // Color Blocked Chocolate Bark with Edible Flower Sprinkles

Recipe // Color Blocked Chocolate Bark with Edible Flower Sprinkles

Color Blocked Chocolate Bark with Edible Flower Sprinkles

Art direction, styling, and photography by Brittni Mehlhoff
Recipe production assisted by Linda Jedenawski

Have you ever tried using edible flowers for food projects? Aren’t they fun to work with?

For more sweet treats and recipes like this one, visit the food + recipes tag.

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Thats a good question. If you refrigerate the bark, it will keep the flowers from wilting for days (or longer)


Will these keep well overnight? Or will the flower petals wilt and go weird?

Jessie Scott-Turner

This color blocked chocolate bark is so pretty. The edible flowers are the such a lovely touch. I think these will make great diy gifts for my daughter’s teachers.


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Hi,i would like to do that as wedding favors, does anyone have any experience on how long they last and if you can keep them out of the fridge?

Thanks for your help!


This is such a good idea! SO beautiful!


Hi Malinda. I used 16 oz of chocolate for what you see in the photos. It just depends on how much bark you’d like to make.


How much chocolate do I need to buy to make a tray of this? Thanks.


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Hi Alesha. The recipe is outlined in the content of the post. Best!


What’s the recipe to make this?


Oh my! This looks SO good!

Becky |


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I’ve only seen bark done for the holidays using milk or dark chocolate. Its interesting to see this new twist on holiday bark!

Eden Passante

Hi Candy, Kat and Jody. Yes, its best to eat the bark the same day, if using the edible flowers. It’s so easy to make though, you could make it right before an event and get together without feeling rushed. Hope that helps.


This is really beautiful**as someone who grows edible flowers I use them often in salads & to garnish cakes but I preserve mine so my question is: Are these intended to be eaten the same day because they will lose their color rapidly otherwise ??❤️?


How far in advance can you make? Do the flowers wilt or brown?



Hi! May I know if you used edible preserved flowers or fresh flowers? If you used fresh, are they going to stay this way?


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So glad to hear it turned out well, Isla!


Did this and loved it!!
I had to melt a bit more chocolate than I thought I would need but this turned out really well. I also just used plain white melting chocolate and it seemed not to make a difference in the final product. A brilliant centre piece.
Will do again!!!


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Hi Kathy. You can use white chocolate chips or Candiquik. Hope that helps.


How much white chocolate do you use for this recipe? Are you using “almond bark” or “white chocolate”?


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What an amazing idea!!! I will definitely use this at Christmas time as edible gifts for friends… and I’m also thinking it would be a gorgeous treat at a baby shower!


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This looks so pretty I wouldn’t want to eat it! Such a creative idea =)


It’s just too beautiful to eat! It looks so easy to create and will certainly impress.


I so want to make this! It looks so pretty, well actually too pretty to eat 🙂

Emma Jayne x

Emma Jayne

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This looks so delicious! Doesn’t hurt that it’s pretty too 😉


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this looks so pretty!

truly, Addia

It looks fun and interesting to make! Thanks for the recipe <3




This. Is. Un. Real. You’ve outdone yourself B!

Kelly @ Studio DIY

This is amazing and beautiful! I love everything about it, especially the chocolate haha. Will definitely try this, thanks for sharing 💜


This is just such a good idea, I am just wondering if my attempt will be half as good!

Annabel ♥
Mascara & Maltesers


This is so beautiful! It’s like artwork!


Well this is just delightful, and those flower sprinkles are incredible! Perfect for this amazing weather we’ve been enjoying in ATL 🙂

Kevin | Thou Swell

Wow. This is one of the most beautiful DIYs I’ve ever seen! I don’t think I could love a bar of chocolate more!


this is AWESOME!


This looks like fun. A great set of simple instructions that even I can follow. Will melting chocolate in the microwave be ok or does it get too messy? Any advice please… Thanks

jess bann

B! Holy crap! I am more in love with this than I could ever say! I mean, this might be my most favorite project of yours ever. Just saying. 🙂


I can’t even handle how pretty this is. I’d have a hard time eating it!

Jacquelyn | lark & linen

Im obsessed with this, B!!

Ashley | Sugar & Cloth

So-this is spring all wrapped up in what looks like a delicious a block of awesome! I love it. I would have never thought of using flowers to “decorate” a chocolate bar. Sadly, I will probably never get around to making it. It’s going on a “things to try” list anyway.


Gorgeous, Brittni! You always have the best food DIY projects!


This looks really amazing! Pinning to try for later!


Wow I didn’t expected this post to be a DIY. This is beyond amazing and something I immediately put on my list. It;s a piece of art! x



Pretty and fun! 🙂

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