Rapid Fire: Behind the Scenes

By Brittni • Updated on 03/16/2015

Behind the Scenes // DIY Blogging

I was going through Lightroom the other day and realized that behind the scenes photos were starting to build up again. So, I figured it was about time for another BTS post.

This one is slightly more random than the last, but I thought it’d be fun to share a few (less than glamorous) photos from recent projects. Kind of rapid fire style, with a quick snippet of what I was working on and anything of note that happened surrounding the shoot.

Up for a rapid fire version of behind the scenes? If so, let’s jump in…

Behind the Scenes // DIY Blogging

I kept all of the Easter eggs from the crescent moon Easter egg project in the plastic egg container. I’m so fancy. Cue Iggy Azalea.

Then, to get a super full looking bowl, I added a bunch of plain eggs to the bottom, and added the painted ones on top. This strategy really comes in handy when it means you can paint half as many eggs and cut out half as many tiny crescent moons out of painter’s tape. Yay for shortcuts.

Behind the Scenes // DIY Blogging

Here’s a little something I styled for Curbly recently…I did a series of styled photos for a handful of printables that Curbly has created over the years, revolving around helpful tips for your home.

This one was bathroom related. So I grabbed my marble slab, which by now you know I use A LOT, and created a mock bathroom scene. The bar of soap I had wasn’t getting sudsy enough, so I used a foam hand wash over the bar of soap to give it that super sudsy look.

Behind the Scenes // DIY Blogging

And here’s a quick snap of what the table looked like as I started setting up for the popsicle party. There were a lot of placement related things to figure out for this one. So I starting setting things up the day before to help cut down on the craziness of trying to get everything done the day of. Highly recommend setting up a day ahead, for larger scenes, whenever you can.

Behind the Scenes // DIY Blogging

Behind the Scenes // DIY Blogging

Behind the Scenes // DIY Blogging

Then there’s the DIY picnic shoot. I mentioned somewhere in the actual post that this one was shot about 6 months ago, but only very recently (like last week) was published. I was still living in Florida at the time, which means that Sarah Eddy was the photographer. Sarah is pretty much up for anything at any given time. Including setting up a full size ladder in the middle of the street to get the photos we need. Haha.

This spot is really close to my old house and the road is not very busy (it’s a side street). But we still had plenty of cars passing by (and some runners too), which made for a few interesting encounters with strangers.

And one more thing about this shoot…We actually shot it super quick (all in about an hour, from the start of setup to break down) because it started sprinkling about 45 minutes in. And then…full on rain. Something anyone that lives in Florida can understand. The rain is random. Eeek. But at least we are able to get the shots that we needed before packing up.

Anyway, I think that about sums up all the behind the scenes for now. For more behind the scenes posts like this one, click here.

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Hi Sina. The slab is from Crate + Barrel.


where did you get the marble slab from? I have been looking for one of these FOREVER!

love the bts posts!!!


Thanks for sharing your BTS shoots! It’s always nice to see the other side of things!

Megs | White Rabbit

Haha. Thanks Lex. 🙂 I love you too!


I always love your BTS posts, B! I was in love with that sudsy photo for Curbly! Great idea with the foam handwash! And also, I love you.


So glad to hear that Monique. 🙂


I really love these ‘behind the scenes’ posts.

Monique | WritingMonique

Thanks so much Carolyn. I completely agree…the problem solving is one of the best parts. Love the challenge!


I love these behind the scenes shots – so fun to see how you get everything together! I really love that foaming hand soap on the bar soap – brilliant solution and looks perfect! I think solving those little problems is one of my favorite parts of shooting for my blog!

Carolyn Selheim-Miller

Thanks Hayley.


Super creative, love visiting your blog 🙂

With love, Hayley x


Hayley Appleford
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