What Do you Think of the Colorful Couch Trend?

What do you think of the colorful couch trend? #colorful #moderninterior #interiorsinspo

For the longest time, we’ve had a neutral, modern sofa (tan, light grey, cream, etc) – both at home and at the studio. But I’ve always wondered whether I should dip my toe in the colorful couch trend that Pinterest can’t seem to ignore.

There are a few couches / sofas (whatever you prefer to call them) that have really caught my eye. But I’m just not sure I can pull the trigger because I often like to change up the look of a room and without a neutral couch, I wonder if things will always just kind of look the same? What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear your opinion.

Let’s go through the rainbow and figure this out, shall we?!

What do you think of the colorful couch trend? #colorful #moderninterior #interiorsinspo

Mustard yellow seems like a good in-between option. It’s colorful, but still feels neutral because of it’s proximity to tan, etc. I love the shape of this couch too! Via Copy Cat Chic.

What do you think of the colorful couch trend? #colorful #moderninterior #interiorsinspo

What do you think of this sky blue sofa popping out of the corner of this space, designed by Amber Interior Design? I like it…especially against the more neutral backdrop of those leather chairs and natural coffee table.

What do you think of the colorful couch trend? #colorful #moderninterior #interiorsinspo

This green sofa from The House that Lars Built is definitely a bold pop of color! And since the rest of the space is pretty neutral, the room feels balanced, not overwhelmed by the color.

What do you think of the colorful couch trend? #colorful #moderninterior #interiorsinspo

This dusty pink sofa from Pop and Scott has always been a favorite of mine. Definitely a pop of color, but again, still feels kind of neutral somehow.

What do you think of the colorful couch trend? #colorful #moderninterior #interiorsinspo

Persimmon orange is never a color I thought I would like for a couch, but this one (from Article), is really gorgeous.

What do you think of the colorful couch trend? #colorful #moderninterior #interiorsinspo

Lilac! This pretty pastel looks surprisingly good on this sofa from Urban Outfitters.

Okay, so now that you’ve seen some examples, what are your thoughts? What do you think of the colorful couch trend? And would you ever buy a colorful couch for your own home?

Not sure about a colorful couch? Head over to my list of (neutral colored) cool couches for budget-friendly modern sofas under $1,000!

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I like most of these, but love the mustard and green ones, particularly the green. (But those are my two favorite colors!) I love color and have learned that if I find a colorful item that I really like, I don’t grow tired of it. I have moved items from room to room for a nice change.

Gloria Gauntt

I love the mustard yellow sofa in the top photo, but after clicking around, I can’t seem to find who manufacturers it. Can anyone offer any help?

craig marks

Have just had this designer custom sofa made (see link). I am the biggest neutral lover you will meet (my husband thinks I am actually allergic to colour). This Olive green sofa sits beautifully in our monochrome home surrounded by all our plants. I’m sure I’ll have days when I miss my neutral but it’s a great thing to step outside your comfort zone. https://instagram.com/p/Bg7Spw1FLVt/

Katrina Anderson

Thanks Pink Pineapple.


Great post i love pink sofa

The pink pineapple

Thanks for weighing in Etta. Yep, that seems to be the dilemma of the colorful couch. It’s cheerful and lovely, but is it practical? Not sure.


I have a turquoise couch, which is super cheery and I love it – but wish I had gotten a neutral instead. This is largely because since I bought it, I moved to NYC and currently live with a roommate. If I get a place of my own, it will likely be a studio, and my couch clashes with my bedroom stuff (which is orange and white).


Thanks so much for weighing in Julie. I’ve always wondered if you grow tired of the couch color if it were very opinionated. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Super helpful.


We replaced our beige couch with a handsome teal, button-tufted number a few years ago. I really wanted grey but my hubby was set on having a pop of colour so we went for it. Although we’ve gotten many compliments on it over the years and it contrasts nicely against the brick wall that runs the length of the living and dining rooms, I’m starting to tire of it. I think our next one will be grey. (Tho if I had all the money in the world I’d also have pink!!)

Julie D

Cool! Thanks Felicia. Sea green sounds pretty.


I love colored couches! We have a sea green colored couch and down the road I would love to get a navy or green velvet couch!


Thanks for chiming in Michelle.


I’ve had a green one myself in my first apartment, so I’d go for that! But I also like the red one, it’s such a statement!


Oh wow! That is super bright and cheery, Elle. Thanks for sharing.


I personally love the bright sofa trend! I have a bubblegum pink sofa that makes my apartment feel so cheery and fun. You can see it here if you’d like, https://www.instagram.com/p/Be8m4KgjSEH/?taken-by=elle_badger 🙂

All the color everywhere, please!



Yeah, pink couches are pretty great. I have to admit, Courtney. 🙂


The trend is awesome! I love pink couches specifically, i want one.

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