The Procrastinators Guide to the Coolest Calendars and Planners of 2019

By Brittni • posted on 02/15/2024

Cool 2019 Calendars that Will Keep You Organized and On Top of Things! #2019calendar #calendar #papergoods

Happy new year! Now that it’s officially 2019, I wanted to share some cool 2019 calendars and planners that you might like. It may seem a little late, but I never really start planning the new year until the year is actually here. With the exception of the new Stending calendar I buy for Christmas every year because it usually sells out if I wait too long. I guess in that way I’m a total procrastinator.

But anyway, if you get a kick out of mapping out goals, dreams, and to do lists, this roundup is for you. Check out my 16 picks for cool 2019 calendars and planners – including unique finds from Etsy and more.

Cool 2019 Calendars

I usually have a few calendars setup around the house…a giant Stendig (#3 on the list) that serves as more of a piece of wall art than a calendar (it’s like four feet long), a smaller one for my office, and a desktop one with huge boxes for each day that I can map out my editorial calendar on. Do you have usually have multiple calendars too? Either way, here are my faves this year.

1. limited edition calendar from Brown Paper Movements (on Etsy) $18
2. 2019 calendar from Of a Kind $15
3. Standing calendar from Need Supply $38
4. perennial wall calendar / planner from Poketo $4
5. vision calendar from Laura Berger $35
6. 2019 mini art calendar from Poketo $7
7. mod dot calendar from Zaffre Press (on Etsy) $16
8. colors calendar from Dozi (on Etsy) $26

Cool 2019 Calendars that Will Keep You Organized and On Top of Things! #2019calendar #calendar #papergoods #2019planner #planners

Cool 2019 Planners

I typically only use one planner for the year, to go with my calendars. BUT I also buy a handful of notebooks to use for different things…and keep in different parts of the house. What about you?

1. 2019 desktop notepad from Wit & Delight $24
2. monthly planner from Need Supply $20
3. 365 days notebook (in yellow) from Need Supply $18
4. weekly jotter from Moglea $26
5. painted workbook from Moglea $24
6. another desktop notepad from Of a Kind $22
7. object notebook from Of a Kind $24
8. project planner from Poketo $38

Are you a calendar kind of girl or more of a planner…or both? Which pieces from this list are your faves?

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Yay! Good choice Erin. 🙂


Thank You!!! I just bought the Poketo Wall Calendar. I’ve been looking for the perfect one forever!!!


Oh awesome Paige! Glad to hear that. 🙂 Happy new year!


This is perfect timing! I was just thinking today that I never bought a new planner for this year!


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