The Procrastinators Guide to Cool Calendars and Cute Planners for 2020

New year, new schedule – so here’s a list of cool calendars and cute planners to start your year off on the right foot.

A product roundup of 2020 Calendars and Planners

Happy new year! Now that it’s officially 2020, I wanted to share some cute calendars and planners that will help you (and me) stay motivated and organized to get things done throughout the year.

There’s monthly lists, big planners, little planners, cute calendars, and more. So whatever you’re looking for, I have your covered. But before we get into it, can I let you in on a little secret?

Okay, here it is… I never really start planning the new year until the year is actually here. Anyone else? I don’t know if this sounds crazy to you or makes total sense, but for me, I need to finish up the year before I can tackle the newness of the year to come.

The reason I’m telling you this is because I know at least a few people who get down on themselves for not doing things exactly when they’re ‘supposed to’ and I’ve been there too. But the best way to set yourself up for success is to meet people (yourself included) where they are.

So, if you’re already down on yourself about not having goals mapped out in a fresh new planner with dates on the calendar, etc, etc.  don’t be! Who cares! No matter when you are seeing this, it’s not too late to start. And maybe the cuteness of one of these calendars (or planners) will inspire you to get started – whatever that may be!

My favorite calendars and planners for getting things done…

A product roundup of cool planners for 2020 in various colors and styles

Cool Planners for 2020

1. Poketo Concept Planner from Design Milk ($34)

This modern planner is definitely a favorite of mine. I included it in last year’s calendar / planner roundup as well. I think I like this one so much because the pages are minimal and goal oriented, which makes it perfect for staying on track throughout the year.

The concept planner starts off with a yearly plan, then gets broken down by month and each individual day. That cute planner pictured is just one of the colors it comes it btw. It also comes in yellow, blue, red, black, and midnight, so you have plenty of options to fit your personal vibe.

2. Daily Weekly Monthly Planner from Design Milk ($34)

This has to be one of the best planners on this list. Why? Because this planner is dateless! You can start whatever day or whatever month you want. Which also means if you forget to use it for a week or so, you can still pick up right where you left off.

It’s black and white cover design is simple and minimal and the pages are really easy to navigate making planning your year, month, and day a breeze.

It also has a little pocket for loose ends. I can’t tell you how many random to-do lists I have floating around my office. It would be so nice to stick them in a little planner pocket to reference later!

3. Wit and Delight 2020 Planner from Anthropologie ($34)

This 2020 planner is functional and beautiful. The perfect sized planner to throw in your bag. I also like the Stay on Track spiral, if that is more your speed.

But what I love most about this planner is the Check In pages at the end of ever month. It has you fill out what you learned the previous month, how you’d grown, and what you’re learning from others.

So I think I would not only consider this a planner, but a little bit of a journal too. Can you imagine looking back on those pages at the end of 2020? What a fun way to track your personal progress. 

4. Wellness Planner from ban.d0 ($29.95)

So this is still *technically* a planner, but it’s not your average day by day planner. This little book is split into 5 sections all about physical and mental wellness; intention, self-care, headspace, physical wellness, and nutrition.

It’s chock full of amazing info and advice to stay motivated and to embrace your own personal journey. And it comes with stickers, for the kid in all of us. Who had a sticker book when they were a kid, like me?

5. Weekly Jotter from Moglea ($26)

Here’s another open-dated daily planner making procrastinators everywhere let out a big sigh of relief. Raises hand.

One of the cool things about this artsy planner is that each cover is hand painted meaning none are the same. Carrying around a piece of original art every day sounds pretty cool to me.

6. PAPERIAN Monthly and Weekly Planner from Amazon ($13)

This handy daily planner is simple and very well organized. It comes in a few different colors too making it a super cute planner option for those looking for a little color in their lives.

This is also a good one for those who are hopping on the planner train a little late. This daily planner is dateless and procrastinator friendly.

7. Weekly List Pad from Wilde House Paper ($20)

While this isn’t technically a daily planner, this handy note pad is the perfect way to wrap your head around your entire month.

There’s space to set intentions for the month in every category of your life (career, nutrition, love, family, etc.), and a large to-do list for you to cross out throughout the whole month. I can see this being a really helpful planner.

8. Poketo Isometric Notebook from Design Milk ($18)

Another one that *technically* isn’t a daily planner, but it’s a super functional in the sense that you can use it however you need to to effectively plan out your day.

You can even draw out your own sections for each day, and write out the days of each month on each page. Most of my notebooks are filled with my to-do lists for the week.

A product roundup of cute calendars for 2020

Cool Calendars for 2020

1. Appointed Wall Calendar from Need Supply ($26)

I had this modern wall calendar last year and loved it. It’s simple and not too large.

And the little desk calendar version of the bigger one is great too – it’s compact and to the point. It also notes national holidays for each month.

2. Art Wall Calendar from Wilde House Paper ($28)

One thing I love about wall calendars that have different pages for each month is that there’s a little refresh each time you flip. This 2020 calendar features 12 pages of beautiful original art.

Each month brings something new. I’m all about that!

3. The LTRST Calendar 2020 from The Letterist ($40)

This super modern calendar is the perfect desk calendar. The months sit in a beautiful acrylic tray for easy flipping at the end of each month (that can be reused at the end of the year for photos or for your new LTRST 2021 calendar!!)

4. Trippy Plants Wall Calendar from Urban Outfitters ($30)

No need to vacation with this calendar (get it?). Each month features a different ‘enlightening’ plant with beautiful illustrations.

5. Light + Form 2020 Wall Calendar from Etsy ($27)

Another 2020 calendar filled with incredible art. I peeked through each month of this calendar and it’s honestly hard to pick my favorite. This wall calendar comes with a little bulldog clip for easy hanging.

6. Sisterhood Downloadable Calendar from Etsy ($7.52)

I love that this calendar is cute AND downloadable! So affordable.

7. Flower 12-Month Calendar from Urban Outfitters ($30)

The description of this 2020 wall calendar on the Urban Outfitters website really says it all – “Bloom all year with this 12-month single sheet 2020 wall calendar” What better way to encourage some personal growth than to see a flower in bloom all year round?

8. Color + Form Calendar from Snow & Graham $35

Love the simple forms of this spiral bound calendar from Snow & Graham. And it’s made in the USA!

Bonus calendar (not pictured): Stendig from Need Supply ($36)

This is the one that I get every year because it’s huge and kind of like a piece of artwork that you have year round.

Should you get a calendar or a planner?

Now that I’ve listed out 16 cute and cool planners / calendars, you might be feeling a little stuck on which way to go. For me, I like the aesthetic of a wall calendar, but having a day to day planner is really practical and helps me stay focused throughout the month.

So, I always get both. But if you’re deciding on just one, I think I’d go with a planner. Almost every planner option out there comes with two page calendars for each month of the year. It’s kind of the best of both worlds.

What about you??? Are you more of a calendar person, a planner person, or both? 

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O my, I want them all. But especially the dateless one from DesignMilk. The design is super!
And I’m more of a plannerperson, but cute calenders are always a nice extra so sometimes I have both 😉


Sound so innovative!! It’s so mesmerizing to read this

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