Cool Calendars and Cute Planners

By Brittni • Updated on 03/01/2024

A list of cool calendars and cute planners to (fingers crossed) be able to write some things down we’re all planning or looking forward to doing this year. 

Images of cool calendars and cute planners for 2021.

Clearly, last year wasn’t the greatest and who knows what 2021 will bring. BUT I put together a list of cute calendars and planners, just in case. Fingers crossed for a better new year for all of us. 

If this doesn’t sound like something you wanna do, no pressure! But if you’re into it, here’s my list of 2021 calendars and planners that are cool and cute. I just hung number 17 from this list on my wall and am trying to decide on a 2021 planner now, if you wanna help me decide.

Side note, even in ‘normal times’… I’ve never been the type to start planning the next year the second Christmas is over. I almost always wait until the new year hits to start brainstorming / planning for what I want to accomplish that year. And sometimes, I never do it at all. And that’s okay too.

Just throwing that out there in case it’s helpful or supportive. And who knows, maybe the cuteness of one of these calendars (or planners) will inspire you this year. Here we go!

Images of cool calendars and cute planners for 2021.

My favorite calendars and planners for getting things done…

1. Appointed 2021 Wall Calendar from Nordstrom $28

I had this calendar one year and it’s great! Might get one this year again. It’s  a good size, not too big, not too small. And looks cute / cool on the wall.

2. Cloth book weekly souk on Moglea $28.00

Our cloth covered hardcover books feature coptic exposed binding, a bookmark ribbon, back pocket and undated weekly planning pages inside. The book lays flat for easy writing. Hand painted cream linen cloth cover.

3. Green Planner on Golden Coil starting at $64

I think it’s cool that you can build your own Golden Coil planner, based on what you need.

4. Flora Wall Calendar on Wilde House Paper $32

Floral, but make it minimal too. Everything from Wilde House is s perfectly done!

5. Rituals & Wellness Journal on Wilde House Paper $28

And here’s more evidence of that perfect done thing, but in journal form. My mind if swirling with journaling ideas for this particular notebook. I love it.

6. Stay on Track Desktop Notepad on Wit & Delight $28.00

A big 10×9 notebook to keep track of all of your to dos.

A long, long time ago (2012 maybe?) I made a digital download PDF thing called Track This, as a way to keep track of goals and actually accomplish them. Anyone remember that? So whenever I see something that helps with staying on track (goals, tasks, etc), I get all excited.

ANYWAY, this planner / tracking journal from Wit & Delight is absolutely beautiful and minimal. Everything you need and nothing you don’t. Highly recommend it.

7. Enzo Mari Timor Calendar on DWR $145

You can use this desk calendar year after year and it looks cool too.

8. 2021 Minimal Hanging Calendar on Etsy $36.89

Straight to the point and classic feeling, you could gift this 2021 calendar to literally ANYONE and I think they would like it, including yourself.

Images of cool calendars and cute planners for 2021.

9. Project Planner in Clay on Poketo $38

The perfect muted pinkish clay color. I love this one!

This modern planner is definitely a favorite of mine. A similar version of this planner was included in last year’s calendar / planner roundup. I think I like this one so much because the pages are minimal and goal oriented, which makes it perfect for staying on track throughout the year.

10. 2021 Terracotta Wall Calendar on Etsy $34.22

Back to a minimal / classic aesthetic again with this terracotta wall calendar. There are so many great calendars on Etsy.

11. Pattern Wall Calendar on Etsy $25.40

For the pattern lover, an illustrated wall calendar that will get you through the year. This one has some pops of colors in it too, if that’s your thing.

12. 2021 Illustrated Wall Calendar on Etsy $26.90

Great size for a small space! And hits all the neutral, earthy vibes.

13. Simple Planner in Gold on Poketo $36

Any time I see yellow, it makes me feel kinda happy. And this planner is doing similar things for me rn. What about you?

14. 2021 Big Picture Calendar on Schoolhouse $38

See the whole year at once, with this big picture calendar.

15. Neutral 2021 Wall Calendar (11×14) on Etsy $39.95

An old school design with a little box for each day.

16. 2021 Modern Calendar Design on Etsy $7.67

If you wanna keep just a quick glance calendar on the wall to remind you what day it is, this is a cute one.

17. Stendig Calendar on Stendig $36

It’s a classic! Had to put it in here. I know so many people use these year after year now (me included), but that’s bc they’re great! They’re affordable (under $40) and take up a lot of surface space on a wall. Kind of like really inexpensive  wall art.

And to round things out, here are a few more 2021 calendars and planners…

18. Modern wall calendar on Artifact Uprising $39
19. Seedlings Emily Isabella Moon 2021 Planner on Anthropologie $34
20. Abstract Rainbow 2021 Wall Calendar on Etsy $23.41
21. Spectrum Wall Calendar on Urban Outfitters $39
22. One Year Wall Calendar on General Store $24

That’s it! 22 cute and cool planners / calendars. And I’d literally use absolutely every single one of them. Just not at the same time.

What about you??? And are you more of a calendar person, a planner person, or both? 

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Sound so innovative!! It’s so mesmerizing to read this


O my, I want them all. But especially the dateless one from DesignMilk. The design is super!
And I’m more of a plannerperson, but cute calenders are always a nice extra so sometimes I have both 😉

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