Cute Slippers to Keep You Cozy this Winter

Really cute slippers for women, for the cold winter.

Image roundup of women's slippers in various neutral colors.

Is there anything more comforting than a cozy pair of slippers on a cold day? Or maybe just a cozy pair of slippers ANY day, while we all recover from the train wreck that was 2020.

Slippers are like a little blanket for your feet. And I literally wear them EVERY single day now, so I kind of feel a little bit like a slipper expert, at this point. Anyone else wear slippers a lot now?

So, I put together a list of some of the cute slippers I’ve been eyeing. Numbers 1, 2, and 7 are all in my cart right now, but I cannot decide between the three of them.

Bonus! Two-thirds of the slippers on this list are under $60 (and there’s one pair under $30)! Click through to see all 12.

Womens Slippers

Images of neutral, modern women's slippers.

1. Lexie Slippers on Anthropologie $38

I have a similar pair of slippers to these, but in blue. I like these better. It’s the color combo.

2. Freda Savador James shearling-lined slippers from Anthropologie $150

I think I need to just go ahead and get these slippers because I also included them in one of my holiday gift guides this year. The cool gifts for parents (and in-laws) guide!

3. The ReNew Slipper Boot on Everlane $78

These are an interesting shape and I like that they go up past the ankle, to keep your feet really warm.

Do I sound like a total old lady right now, or what? I guess I just really like to keep my feet warm – it’s a passion at this point.

4. Steve Madden Around Slippers on Urban Outfitters $50

If you like the style Birkenstocks but you want them in slipper form, these slippers are it.

5. Suede Scuff Slippers on Madewell $45

Classic slippers, that would work for women and men.

6. Anti-Skid Cozy Plush Indoor / Outdoor on Amazon $29.90

An affordable option that still looks cute.

Roundup of images that feature different slipper styles for women.

7. The Slide on Skims $79

They’re slipper slides, so they’re comfy AND cozy. Also, I love this color! 

8. Fuzzy Slide Slippers on J.Crew $49.50

And then these are a similar style, but with a thinner top band. If you like this style but want something less bulky.

9. Cozy Bootie on Parachute $59

Okay! Slipper booties?! Yep, I’m into these. And also, everything that Parachute makes is high quality.

10. Quilted Scuff Slippers in Recycled Faux Fur on Madewell $39.50

The description on these Madewell slippers say they’re super  soft. And they look it!

11. Classic Slippers on Parachute $39

Can’t go wrong with a classic slipper style.

12. Sherpa Indoor Slipper on Banana Republic $68

I think I would wear these slippers outside, with an outfit! They’re pretty cute. And they look so warm too.

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