Interior Obsessions: Cool Desk Styling Inspired by Back to School

By Brittni • Updated on 02/14/2024

Interior Obsessions // Quirky Cool Desk Styling Inspired by Back to School

With back to school in full swing, I thought it would be appropriate to share some cool desk styling inspired by the time of year. Because…let’s face it… for adults like me without kids, desk organization / cool desk styling is about as back to school as gets. Unless you happen to have a wall of metal school lockers at home – in which case you should probably start there. It is back to school after all.

I’ve rounded up a handful of my absolute favorite desk items and am sharing some ways I’ve been styling (and organizing) my desk recently for inspiration. Click through for more back to school inspo (for adults)…

At the studio, my desk doesn’t have any drawers or storage (though it’s a different story with my Nelson desk at home), so I have to keep everything tidy and (at least semi) organized on my actual desk surface to make it work. Which means picking out desk accessories that look good and actually serve a function (for the most part) is pretty important.

Cool Desk Items Inspired by Back to School

That said, here’s are some of my fave desk items for cool desk styling…

1. T-stand pencil holder Urban Outfitters $30
2. Gradient notebook from Present and Correct $8
3. Stacking box set from Present and Correct $25
4. Waxed canvas ‘lunch bag’ filled with metal clips from Goodhood $17.50
5. Daily planner desk pad from Poketo $14
6. Memphis ceramic cylinder from Weak End Club $32
7. Framed canvas bins (alternative trash can) from Anthropologie $78 for set
8. Balance box from Poketo $46.50
9. Tape block from Goodhood $22
10. Edison letter organizer from Urban Outfitters $24
11. Block mini storage container from Urban Outfitters $20
12. Gold metal planters from Urban Outfitters $18
13. Italian stapler from Present and Correct $23

And now that you’ve seen my fave office /desk accessories for ‘back to school’ and beyond, here’s how I’ve brought some of those elements together at my studio desk (and yes, in case you’re wondering, I did bring my office chair from home to the studio – it was too comfortable not to)…

Cool Desk Styling Inspired by Back to School

Mood board inspiration

Cool Desk Styling Inspired by Back to School

Interior Obsessions // Cool Desk Styling Inspired by Back to School

Cacti love!

Photography and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

P.S. I recently shared my top 4 tips for creating a Pinterest-worthy workspace on the Urban Outfitters blog. So, if you’re looking for specific tips and more desk inspiration head over there for more.

What kinds of desk items are on your ‘can’t live without’ list? So curious to know what products you use for organization, etc.

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Wow, fabulous pictures! I love the chair and table decoration.

Your Wedding Linen

Hi Brooke. The desk is from DWR. It’s available right here:


I love that desk! Where did you find it?


Hi Erin and Adoona. Glad you like my desk setup. The chair is from DWR. Full disclosure…it’s not cheap. BUT it’s really high quality and is a piece I will have forever. Here’s the link:


Where did you buy that chair? Love the setup.


Very cool! 🙂


Where is your leather desk chair from? Love it!


Thanks Anna.


Beautiful!! Really love it!!


[…] – Smitten with this desk space + accessories! […]

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Awesome. So happy this post inspired you Kimberly.


Love the tips you shared over on UO. I now feel inspired to finally tackle my home office and declutter the ENTIRE space…not just the desk. DOH! I have these different colored jars with cork lids from the Container Store that help to keep my desk somewhat organized. I use them for paper clips and some of my washi tape.


Glad you like those Michelle. I have the lunch bag that comes with the clips and I am obsessed with the bag even more so than the clips. Go figure! Ha. 🙂


Wow, great picks! I love the lunch bag and the canvas bins, they look so fancy!

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