Be My Guest: A (Pattern Lovers) Teeny Tiny Guest Bathroom Makeover

By Brittni • posted on 02/14/2024

Guest bathroom makeover with cool artwork and wallpaper

A couple of weeks ago, we had a bunch of friends (7 friends to be exact) staying at our house for the weekend. And I almost don’t want to admit this, but up until literally seconds before everyone arrived, I was still getting last minute things in order and throwing together finishing touches.

It was one of those times that I just wanted everything to look nice because most of our friends hadn’t seen our place before. But outside of decorating, on the more practical side of things, I had to get some stuff accomplished just to accommodate that many people at our house. The main guest bathroom being at the top of that list.

Full disclosure, I had actually made over this space once before, but it was a long time ago and most of the things that had once looked put-together were no longer looking all that great. That paired with the fact that I’ve been itching to do a wallpaper accent wall, meant it was makeover time once again. But this one is here to stay! I partnered with Delta Faucet to bring the whole thing to life and even managed to switch out my leaky showerhead in the process (all by myself, I might add). Hallelujah!

Before and after: guest bathroom makeover

Cool artwork in the bathroom

I’ve always had trouble making this bathroom what I wanted it to be – a playful but calming place for guests that I can use too, to get ready when we don’t have company. But I think it’s coming together, with the wallpaper, patterned towels, new artwork, etc. Something about it feels completely fresh and new now and more a reflection of our style.

That said, are there still some things I wish I could change? Yep. Definitely. But we’re renting, so as much as I can’t stand the sand colored granite and out-of-place contemporary cabinets in there, I can’t rip ’em out. So, I’m working around them as best I can.

Palm frond wallpaper and quirky artwork for the win


The wallpaper was the first thing I found that I knew I really, really wanted. So I started with that and worked everything else around it – pulling in black and white accents in other places where I could (one of the towel patterns, an art piece, etc), to make the space feel cohesive. Then, I brought in some pops of color to give it a little more personality and stay away from an all-neautals bathroom. Not that there’s anything wrong with a neutrals-only bathroom.

Renter’s note… If you’re wondering how I got permission from my landlord to install wallpaper, the answer is I didn’t. 🙂 Instead of using wallpaper paste to make things permanent, I went with a temporary option – trusty Command strips (at the top, sides and bottom of each piece of wallpaper).

I lined up the pattern the same way I would if I was installing the wallpaper the normal way, but used the Command strips to attach the wallpaper to the wall and then used a sharp blade to cut off the excess from the top and bottom of each strip once everything was hung. This way, I can remove everything easily when I move out, without damaging the walls. Highly recommend this option if you’re renting and want to add wallpaper.

Guest bathroom makeover / how to switch out a shower head in 5 minutes

How to switch out a shower head in 5 minutes


Our guest bathroom showerhead had been leaking for a while and I wanted to switch it out before everyone arrived. I went with a Delta In2ition Showerhead H2Okinetic® Technology, which actually saves water (yay!) and is easy to install. You can control the speed, movement and droplet size of the water, to create the feeling of more water while actually using less.

I wasn’t sure how long the showerhead would take to replace, since I admittedly had never switched one out before. But it was so, so easy! It literally took all of five minutes to remove the old leaky showerhead and get the new Delta In2ition Showerhead installed and ready to use. No handyman required!

Renter’s note… I kept the old showerhead too, so I can switch them back out when we move to a new place and take my new showerhead with me. Thumbs up.

Singing in the shower

And that’s pretty much it. All in all, it took a few hours to get everything from the showerhead installed to hanging artwork and wallpaper in before everyone arrived. The wallpaper was the bulk of that time. But now it’s done and good to go for guests, etc.

Guest bathroom makeover with cool artwork and wallpaper

Guest bathroom makeover with cool artwork and wallpaper

Cool guest bathroom makeover with quirky artwork and fun wallpaper

Triangle mirror over the bathroom sink

Photography Amelia Tatnall Lawrence

Source List

Delta In2ition Showerhead H2Okinetic ® Technology available exclusively at The Home Depot // wallpaper CB2 // black + white pattern towels Target // blue and white pattern towels Target // hand towel Good Hood // swimsuit girls print Leah Reena Goren // one thing at a time print Young Blood // pink striped print Kiki and Polly //  turquoise painting and abstract blue, red, and yellow piece are by me // ceramic bust vintage // triangle mirror (similar) // white vase CB2 // radio Tivoli //terra cotta pot Ferm Living // moon art piece Fine Little Day // beauty tray Madewell (similar)

Do you have a room in your house you’ve been meaning to makeover? What challenges have you faced decorating-wise while renting?

This post is in partnership with Delta Faucet. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Paper & Stitch running.

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Your hard work definitely paid off. Such a clean, cool, eclectic bathroom. I’m sure your friends loved it, I do!


That was already there when we moved in, so I unfortunately, I don’t have an answer on that one Brittany. 🙁 Wish I could help.


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Any chance you know where that bathroom vanity is from? I kind of love it.


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Hi Ciel. The wallpaper held up great. I actually moved out of this place a few months ago, so I had to take the wallpaper down. But it removed very cleanly – didn’t leave any damage at all. Yay! As far as how it held up, specifically, I had no issues with the edges curling, which I think was a combination of how close I put the command strips to the corner edges AND the fact that that shower didn’t get used all that often (since it was the guest bathroom) – so there wasn’t a lot of steam messing things up. Let me know if you have any other questions!


Hi, I really love this makeover! I’m struggling with textured wallpaper I can’t remove in my rental, and your command strip idea sounds perfect! What did you do with the seams in the wallpaper? As you’ve lived with it how have the edges held up? Worried about them curling with humidity. It looks great though! Hoping I can make it work for my house.

Ciel Dafford

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Good call Mary. It looks like I forgot to include it in the source section. I just added it and updated the post, but here’s the link: . It’s from CB2. 🙂


This is lovely!!! I could not find in your article the sourcing of the wallpaper though, could you please share? Thanks!!!


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Can you share your source for the wallpaper?? Or am I just missing it? LOVE the space!!


I love your taste! beautiful makeover.


This makes me eager to buy my own place and decorate. Love this so much! You have a serious eye for styling your home.


cool!! The paintings choice is gorgeous


Thanks Cat. 🙂


Love the vignettes all around the bathroom! Your print collection is amazing


Thanks Mari Lyn. I was totally surprised by how easy it was to switch out the showerhead. And yes…regarding the mirror….there is a larger mirror on the opposite wall that guests can use for putting on makeup, etc. We just didn’t take include it in the photos because that wall is not the most exciting. 🙂


I absolutely love the mix! And I’m super impressed that you switched out the shower head without a plumbing professional. I haven’t been a renter for a long time, but have definitely made choices that I “don’t love” later. Your approach really made a difference, even in a room where you don’t like the bones of it. My only question is how you see your hair or face when you’re getting ready? The triangle mirror seems like it is too low for that. (I don’t have a blog, so I used your post for the web address above. Hope that’s OK.)

Mari Lyn

Thanks so much, Michelle. The wallpaper is definitely one of my favorite parts…really brought everything together.


The bathroom wallpaper is exactly the right thing! I love how it turned out!

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