Travel Here: 72 Hours in Miami, Florida

By Brittni • posted on 08/17/2023

Miami, here we come!

Large pieces of stone make a statement in this outdoor patio space in Miami, right next to a pool

Last week, I flew down to Miami for a few days to hang with friends that I rarely get to see (shout out to Ashley, Lexy, and Kelly).

And while it was a short one (only 3 nights), it was so much fun.

We hung out at the pool, walked on the beach, ate leftover biscuits that were heated up using the hotel blow dyer…you know, the usual. 

We were so busy eating avocado toast and catching up though, I hardly remembered to take out my camera for photos. Well, okay, I did manage to squeeze in a few photos. Who am I kidding.

I’ve been to Miami once before and wrote a Miami travel guide, if you’re looking for things to do, where to stay, etc, etc.

But if you’re just hoping for some tropical inspiration for your Wednesday, here are some photos from my (roughly) 72 hours in Miami…

Striped gazebo tents  lined up next to a large outdoor pool in Miami

Yellow and white checkered lemonade stand on Miami beach

Pink pool chairs and palm trees in Miami ( a 72 hour travel guide)

Vintage yellow pool chairs in Miami at a beach hotel

Striped turquoise pool cabanas in Miami

Closeup of yellow and white checked beach towel stand in Miami, Florida (on the beach)

Side note… I’m planning a last minute road trip for this weekend (!!) for Jeff and I and need some help deciding where to go…

Looking for more road trip ideas?

Here are some of my fave trips…

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Love those pictures! I always forget to take pics when I go to new places. Nashville is such an awesome city to visit although we usually go in the winter. Where did you end up going?


I’ve never been to Savannah but I’ve heard great things!! I’d love to see your recap / city guide of it!


I’d love to get there sometime, it’s sadly not that easy for Europeans!


Destin has actually been on my list for a while, Courtney. One of these days I’ll make it over there!


Love these photos! I’m go into Miami in Feb and will definitely be using your travel guide!

You should try driving south to Destin, FL!


Thanks Corina. I love Miami for quick trips. So much inspiration…especially in the architecture, which I ironically don’t take pictures of this time. But I love it. 🙂


This is so perfect! So much inspiration on every step

Corina Nika
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