Vase Case: 16 Cool Modern Vases for Every Budget

Vase Case: 16 Cool Modern Vases for Every Budget #vases #modernvases #homedecor #housewares #modernhome

When it comes to vases and planters, I am completely obsessed with finding the *perfect* ones. I mean…how else am I going to get my fill of flowers and plants without super cute vessels to put them in, right? And right now, I’m specifically on a vases kick because I’ve reached my quota on planters (and plants) I can have inside (and outside) the house at the moment.

So, today I’ve rounded up a whole bunch of cool modern vases for your pretty flowers to go in. And I literally want Someone save me from myself and buy them out from under me! Click through for all 16 of my current vase picks forever budget. The vases on the list start as low as $4!

Cool Modern Vases for Every Budget (Part 1)

– Menu willmann vase from Amazon $99
– posey vases from EQ3 $11
– Helen Levi beach vase from Need Supply $58
– matte ceramic ring vase from Not Magic $60
– more posey vases from EQ3 $11
– dark gray small glass vase from H&M $3.99
– matte ceramic silo vase from Not Magic $60
– pink small glass vase from H&M $3.99

I love the color of that green posey vase from EQ3. Can’t believe it’s only $11! Also, I have that Menu willmann vase and I still love it so much. The combo of glass and concrete is pretty cool.

Vase Case: 16 Cool Modern Vases for Every Budget #vases #housewares #homedecor #modernhome

Cool Modern Vases for Every Budget (Part 2)

– B Zippy short scallop vase from Spartan Shop $380
– hardwood vase from Melanie Abrantes (available at West Elm) $60
– Imogene bud vase from Leif $14
– slim glass vases from Food 52 $55
– shape studies vase from West Elm $29
– rattan wrapped vase from Urban Outfitters $40
– gossamer bud vase from Leif $45
– B Zippy jumbo diamond vase from Spartan Shop $420

Those two vases from Spartan Shop (above) are my absolute faves – especially the scallop vase…but of course they’re also the most expensive options. Happens every time. What do you think of the shape studies West Elm vase btw? I’ve seen it in person at the store and thought it was a really good quality. Would totally buy it if I needed another vase.

Anyway, that about wraps up my picks for cool modern vases atm. There are a few more I found after finishing up the main list that I thought I’d throw in, just in case. So here are some honorable mentions… sand speckled vase from Of a Kind $70 // propagation station vases trio from Urban Outfitters $39 // Ichendorf Milano small bouquet vase from Need Supply $88 // arc vase from Yield $120. I have the Ichendorf Milano vase too and love it. The colors are so pretty.

Have a favorite? Let me know which vase options you love most, in the comments below.

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These are all so pretty! Pottery is something I need to include more of in my home!


Paige Cassandra Flamm

Glad to hear that Paige. I always looks for unique or sculptural vases that would look cool sitting out on a table or shelf even if they didn’t have any flowers in them. Hope you’ve found a few you love.


Beautiful and very minimalistic design. Love it.

Plonet Prints

Thanks Plonet! Glad you like them. 🙂


A really wonderful and diverse range of vases – great finds! I warmed to the wooden turned vase, because it was different, more of a natural look but any one of them would look good in my home.
~ Pearl


I agree, Pearl – I like the warmth of the wood vases…but I think you’re right that any one of these would look great. Thanks for stopping by!

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