Vase Case: 16 Cool Modern Vases for Every Budget

By Brittni • Updated on 02/15/2024

When it comes to cool modern vases (and planters for that matter), I am completely obsessed with finding the *perfect* ones.

Images of different modern vases, in neutral colors and different sizes.

I mean…how else am I going to get my fill of flowers and plants without super cute vessels to put them in, right? And right now, I’m specifically on a vases kick because I’ve reached my quota on planters (and plants) I can have inside (and outside) the house at the moment.

So, today I’ve rounded up a whole bunch of cool modern vases for your pretty flowers to go in. And I literally want Someone save me from myself and buy them out from under me! Click through for all 16 of my current vase picks for every budget. The vases on the list start as low as $15 and half of them are under $50!

Modern Vases for Every Budget (1-8)

1. Menu willmann vase from Amazon $99

I  bought this Menu willmann vase a few years ago. And I still love it so much. The combo of glass and concrete is pretty cool.

2. Scratch vase from McGee & Co $128

Omg! I LOVE this vase. It comes in two colors and is so simple, yet interesting.

3. Toppu vase from Burke Decor $89

Love the color combo of this tall vase. But it also comes in black and white stripe if that’s more your style.

4. Halston ceramic vase from Casa Living on Etsy $45

I love the simplicity of this vase. It almost looks primitive, in the very best way.

5. Hand built ceramic vase from Siup Studio on Etsy $44

I love the color and shape of this tiny flower vase! It’s so unusual – truly one a kind.

6. Rattan cage vase carafe from Amber Interiors $30

A couple of these lined up on a long table would look really cool with a few fig branches in them. Not a fiddle fig, just a fig. Love their leaves so much.

7. Giselle Hicks double diamond vase from Spartan Shop $550

Okay, this is a statement piece! It’s pricey, but it also teeters the line of a vase and a sculpture, so I had to include it. I absolutely want one!

8. Inka cup from Burke Decor $39

Okay, this one is actually a cup, BUT I feel like it would make a cute small vase. What do you think? Comes in a few different colors AND there are larger ones that you could use as vases too.

Image of 8 modern vases in different colors and shapes.

Modern Vases for Every Budget (9-16)

9. Muuto Kink vase from Danish Design Store $269

I love everything that Muuto makes and this vase is no exception. The color is so pretty too.

10. Malaga vase from McGee & Co $60

This little handles make me want to pinch this vase. You know what I mean? Super cute.

11. Olcott small handle vase from Crate & Barrel $30

There’s a cool (taller) vase in this collection that’s pink, if you like this one.

12. Judy Jackson bud vase from Rejuvenation $34

I have this bud vase and it’s one of my absolute favorites. If you watch my stories, this is the 2020 vase that I broke not once, but twice. Painstakingly put it back together the first time and it broke again hours later. Haha.

13. Georgia vase from Urban Outfitters $59

This one has a cool vibe and a decent price tag, over on Urban.

14. Hay bottoms up vase from Huset $93

If you like glass vases, this one is really pretty.

15. Small black crinkle vase from H&M $15

This one reminds see of the body, if someone was spinning around really fast. Do you see it too? Or is it just me?

16. Dial white shiny vase from CB2 $35

Everything about the shape and texture of this CB2 find is right up my alley. The only thing I would change is the finish…I don’t really like glossy vases. So, I think if I bought this vase, I would do a little trick I learned from Christine Higgs, from For the Home. Spray a high quality matte finish clear coat on top. I haven’t tried it yet personally, but I saw Christine do it on her stories once and it completely transformed the finish!

So, that about wraps up my picks for cool modern vases atm. I love them all, but the Spartan Shop is my absolute fave. Of course, it’s also the most expensive options. Happens every time.

What do you think of other vases on this list though? Could you picture any of these in your home?

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Great list! They look so special, so creative. I am not that obsessed with vase but I have to admit they are really cool. Thanks for sharing!


Really love all the vases out there. Seems to be quite pretty and they are in budget. Keep sharing such good things.

Isa khan

I’ll take one of everything. But really though – that Olcott yellow vase from C&B is beautiful!


I agree, Pearl – I like the warmth of the wood vases…but I think you’re right that any one of these would look great. Thanks for stopping by!


A really wonderful and diverse range of vases – great finds! I warmed to the wooden turned vase, because it was different, more of a natural look but any one of them would look good in my home.
~ Pearl


Thanks Plonet! Glad you like them. 🙂


Beautiful and very minimalistic design. Love it.

Plonet Prints

Glad to hear that Paige. I always looks for unique or sculptural vases that would look cool sitting out on a table or shelf even if they didn’t have any flowers in them. Hope you’ve found a few you love.


These are all so pretty! Pottery is something I need to include more of in my home!


Paige Cassandra Flamm
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