Cool Wooden Toys for Babies, Toddlers, and Kids

By Brittni • Updated on 04/22/2024

Cool wooden toys for babies, toddlers, and kids!

An image of wooden toys for every age range, featuring a dollhouse, tea set, baby stroller, and more.

Before having a kid, one of my goals was no plastic toys. BUT once we had a kid, I realized that wasn’t very realistic. At least not for us.

So what we’ve done instead is limit plastic toys as much as possible.

Most of our toys are made of wood or fabric and we have a handful of plastic toys as well, that we knew were things he would really love.

Like his toy vacuum cleaner (bc he has always been obsessed with out real vacuum) and Duplos (which have been great for developing fine motor skills).

The vast majority of his toys are wooden though. And there are so many amazing wooden toys out there, for every age group. So, today, I put together a post focused on wooden toys for babies, toddlers, and kids.

What are the benefits of wood toys over plastic ones?

Aside from the environmental and non-toxic benefits of wood toys, we love the open-ended imaginative play that wooden toys tend to provide.

Plus, they look cool, imo. So I don’t mind them all over the house as much, which inevitably happens with kids.

Last but not least, wood toys typically don’t come with batteries (!!!). Which means they don’t make loud noises or play music, like many plastic toys. My kinda toy! Haha.

Let’s get to the lists!

I wanted this list to be super easy to shop, so I separated all the wooden toys out into different stages – baby, toddler, and kid.

There are a handful that didn’t specifiy the age group, so I did my best to guess which category it would fit into. Use your best judgement though, obvs. Here we go!

Image of various wooden toys for babies, featuring a peace sign teether, wooden play gym, wooden keys, and more.

Wooden Baby Toys (0-12 months)

Wooden baby toys are easy to find. BUT most of them are rattles or teether at this age, since babies under a year old can’t be trusted with much else. Haha.

I’m kidding, but seriously, there are a lot of wooden rattles and teethers on this portion of the list. All very cute imo!

1. Wooden peace sign teether from Elenfhant $20

This is the cutest peace sign teether! If I had found this when Hayes was a baby, he would definitely have one.

2. Plan Toys Play Gym from Crate & Kids $60

Play gyms are awesome for babies and I love this gender-neutral option made of rubber wood (and water based dyes).

There are also some cute wooden play gyms on Etsy – like this one, if you want another option. And it’s only $35.

3. Kid’s Concept mini maze toy from Scandiborn $19

This little toy is 12 months and up, but I’ve included it in the baby section because it would be such a cute toy to have on a shelf for your kiddo when they turn one.

OR as a gift that baby can grow into, with adult supervision. We have one of these (different colors though) and it’s really, really cute!

4. Wooden key rattle from Plan Toys on Amazon $13.50

Babies love keys, for some reason. I don’t know why, but they do.

So this little rattle toy seems like a good option. It’s sustainable made from rubberwood too.

5. Natural baby car rattle from Bitte $19

This little wooden rattle looks like a cool, abstract car. And I’m into it. For ages 6 months and up.

6. Pyramid rocking with top from Etsy $14

I love this pyramid rocking top – it’s so pretty.

And it’s handmade! AND under fifteen dollars!!

7. Manhattan Toy skwish rattle from Target $10

This swish rattle is awesome (we have it in the raw wood and a colorful one too).

It makes a little noise when you shake it because the wood beads move around and babies love it.

8. Pull along croco toy from Scandiborn $55

This pull toy would be at the high end of this age range and go into toddler stage as well. But isn’t it so cute?

More wood toys for babies!

I also love this classic organic wood rattle from Homi Baby. $15

Image of various wooden toys for toddlers, featuring wooden blocks, toy cars, a wooden camera, and more.

Wooden Toys for Toddlers (1-3 years old)

The toddler age is when things start to get fun! And I found a ton of really cool wooden toys for toddlers.

I love this age because so many things are still new to a toddler’s eyes, but you don’t have to worry as much about them putting everything in their mouths.

At least not as much. Here are all the wooden toys I found for toddlers to play with…

1. Plan Toys 50 piece wooden blocks from Amazon $70

We have a few sets of wood blocks that we really love and there are so many good ones out there. We don’t have these exact ones, but they’re v similar.

2. Moon pram from Ooh Noo $140

We’ve had this moon pram for Hayes since he was born and he’s always liked it.

But once he started walking, it became one of his absolute favorites. And he still uses it everyday.

He throws all his stuffed animals in it, takes them all out, tucks them in with a blanket. The whole thing!

3. Maileg wooden toy bus from Scandiborn $19.50

We have this Maileg bus and a smaller car version and they are so great!

Super cute sitting on a bookshelf too.

4. Kid’s Concept wooden fruit set from Smallable $38

This wooden fruit set is so adorable. I can hardly handle it.

5. Tangerine Toys wooden roller toy from Bug + Bean $14

Is this little rhino rolling toy cute or what? I love the natural wood.

6. Kaleidoscope play camera from Kiko and GG $30

This play camera is so fun for kids. Hayes loves his (we have the yellow one).

And everything from Kiko and GG is so well made! I love this brand.

7. Raduga Grez stacking tower from The Tot $45

I love literally everything from Raduga Grez and this stacking tower is probably one of my favorite toys from RG right now.

8. Moon Picnic weather station from The Tot $57

Moon Picnic is such a cool brand. All of their toys are imaginative and very cool, imo.

We have the face puzzle from Moon Picnic too and it’s a favorite.

More wood toys for toddlers!

Here’s a few more that aren’t on the list, but are still super cool…

Wooden pound-a-peg from In Favor Of $45 // Wooden rattle push toy from Maisonette $36 // Miela Siela rolling push toys from Etsy $30 // Wooden toy train on Etsy $6 // Bajo wood tricycle from Bitte $108 // Uncle Goose fossil blocks from Amazon $25 // Ferm Living safari puzzle from Batten Home $29

Image of various wooden toys for kids, featuring blocks, a dollhouse, a play kitchen, wood stacking blocks, and more.

Wooden Toys for Kids (4 and up)

And last but not least, the kids category! The sky is kind of the limit with this age.

There are SO many wooden toy options available for this age range. And a lot of good stuff on the toddler list that will last long into ‘kid’ age too.

Anyway, here’s all the cute wooden toys I found for kids, age four and up.

1. Manhattan blocks from Bug and Bean $55

This cityscape block set is for ages two and up, so it would work for toddlers too.

But I can picture a little bit older kids really loving this block set as part of imaginative play – with some cars and animal figurines and all of those things.

2. Olli Ella wooden dollhouse from Anthropologie $88

Dollhouses are all the rage for kids rn (and adults for that matter) and this one from Olli Ella is under $100 and so, so cute.

And if you’re looking for a more modern dollhouse, this one from Ferm Living is really cool too.

3. Oekaki house drawing board from Kiko and GG $69

Technically, this drawing board is 3+. And we actually got one of these for Hayes when he turned two (he loves it).

So, it can definitely be used by toddlers as well. I love that it’s made mostly of wood and looks so cute (much cuter imo than the all plastic ones that are similar).

4. Raduga Grez wooden tea set from Mini Mint $65

Imaginative play with the coolest wooden tea set. Love this color combo too.

5. Heirloom wooden tool set from Rose & Rex $60

Ahh! I am totally getting Hayes this set when he gets a little older.

I mean, as a DIYer, I kind of have to, right?! RIGHT!

6. Milton and Goose play kitchen from Maisonette $649

Admittedly, this one is a major luxury play kitchen. But I wanted to include it because it is the coolest looking play kitchen I have found.

Would be great inspo for a DIY version if the price tag is a no-go.

7. Balancing blocks from Rose & Rex $48

Inspire young kids to bring out their inner sculptor, with these faceted balancing blocks.

They come in four color combos.

8. Kid’s Concept Connect Four from Smallable $22

This has to be the best looking Connect Four game I’ve ever seen.

I want one for myself. But yeah, I guess kids can have one too.

More wood toys for kids!

Here’s a couple more wooden toys for kids… Wooden play telephone from Kiko and GG $52 // Ferm Living safari memory game from 2Modern $25 // Stacking shapes toy from Wooden Story $40// Plan Toys wooden water blocks Noble Carriage $60

Merci Milo also has an amazing selection of toys to checkout – one of my fave shops for kids.

That’s it for this list! If you’re looking for more cute items for kids of all ages, check out these posts:

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