Side Piece: 23 Cool Side Tables Under $150

Side Piece: 23 Cool Side Tables Under $150

I’ve been searching for the perfect side tables and as it turns out, there are SO many budget-friendly options out there rn. Like under $150 for really cool side tables. Who knew?!

I rounded up a bunch of my favorites and there are 23 in all. So many good ones – and most of them are under $100 – there’s even a few under $60! Doesn’t get much more budget-friendly than that. Click through for the full list!

Click any of the images below to shop my fave side tables under $150.

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Have a favorite from this list? Let me know which ones catch your eye!

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So simple but functional. Plus very budget-friendly, who knew!

KMP Furniture Blog

Awesome. Glad to hear that Courtney.


I love all these side tables! They all look so cute.

Courtney Hardy

Thanks pink pineapple. 🙂


I love all tables!
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The pink pineapple

Totally hear that Michelle. For budget-friendly home items, I’m a big fan of UO. Anthro is cool too, but most of the furniture pieces there are a higher price point.


I think Anthropologie always has such extraordinary products, but I do like the tables from Urban Outfitters as well!

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