Creating a No-Sew Fabric Banner (tutorial)

how to make a fabric banner

Entertaining for parties and other special occasions is becoming quite the craze, with great sites like Hostess with the Mostess and Toast and Tables showing us how its done. As some of you might remember from this post, I made the fabric banner above for our wedding ceremony- but it would make a great addition to any celebration and can take as little as 30 minutes to make, depending on how long the banner is. Initially, it took me a while to figure out the best way to go about making one of these fabric banners, but now that I have it figured out- you don’t have to. Here’s what you will need:

create a no sew fabric banner tutorialSupplies:

1. Iron 2. Yarn, Jute, or String 3. Iron-on Adhesive (I used Heat n Bond) 4. Leftover Fabric Scraps 5. Scissors 6. Ruler

Step by Step:

1. Gather your fabric scraps and begin cutting them into equal size 2.5 x 5 inch rectangles (size may vary depending on preference). Once you have cut enough, get out your string. Leaving a good amount (2-3 feet) of extra string before starting, turn your first piece of fabric over, so that the “front” of the fabric is facing down. Then place your sting on top of the fabric towards the top of the rectangle, as shown below.

no sew fabric banner

2. Cut a piece of iron-on adhesive that is slightly shorter than the width of the fabric and place below the string. Now fold the top half of the fabric over (should be about a 1/4 of an inch) the string, making sure to cover the iron-on adhesive fully.

no sew fabric banner

3. Place iron on top of fabric for 4-8 seconds, and remember to use the correct fabric setting depending on what type of fabric you are using. Apply more heat if needed.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until desired length is reached, making sure to evenly space each fabric rectangle from the next (1-2 inches is perfect). Hang and enjoy!

no sew fabric banner

What I love most about these banners is that you can use them for any celebration (or year-round for that matter) and you can easily personalize them by using specific color fabrics or even add vinyl-sticker lettering to spell out a message, like Welcome Home.

{top image c/o Jeanne Ciasullo}

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thanks for convincing me that I don’t need to use triangles! I was dreading cutting them…this approach is much more do-able! and so cute!!


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Love this, thanks for the idea, now I just need a reason to use it.

traveling bride

I’m curious – if the idea was a banner you’d be reusing, wouldn’t you want to finish the edges somehow?


Very cute! Thanks for sharing 🙂


This is such a good idea! I am throwing a baby shower next weekend and I am totally going to make this!


awesome idea!
This is just what I need for a backyard party im planning


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So sweet. Love how easy it would be throw one of these together for just about any occasion. Awesome.


I made exactly these for my wedding last year using a combination of fabric that I screen printed myself and mounds of fabric scraps that I’ve had for ages. Only I used hot glue as the adhesive. Thanks for sharing your tips!


This is so clever and easy to do! Thanks so much for sharing. You know the yellow fabric with the white and black spots/designs that look like little eyes? Well, I bought some of that a couple of weeks ago and didn’t know what to do with it… now I do! Thanks again!


So easy and wonderful!


These look kind of like Tibet prayer flags. I like the idea for decorating.


SOO cute! I’m going to make them for my backyard, just because.



Thanks Amanda, Lindsay, and Char. I think you all will have a lot of fun making these. I know I did (and my mom did too- who helped me finish mine so I could work on some other projects before the “big day”). Thanks Mom!


GREAT idea and post…thanks for that!


This is really cute, and so easy!


This is a really sweet idea – thank you so much for putting the tutorial together.

Amanda~Weekend Host
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