Tying the Knot…Part I

By Brittni β€’ posted on 02/12/2024


Well, I had every intention of getting some of our wedding photos up on the blog earlier this week and it just took a lot longer than expected, with over 800 photos to go through- all taken by the lovely (and talented) Jeanne Ciasullo. But here are a few to start… We were married in a park called Treaty Oak, under an over 200 year old oak tree. It is even more massive than it looks and some of its branches actually touch the ground. So, it felt very enclosed and intimate.


Of course, there were MANY (probably too many) diy projects that I took on for the wedding. One of the things we made was the fabric banner that hung above us during the ceremony. It was really fun and easy to make, and it didn’t take very long either (a couple of hours). So I may do a tutorial next week for the blog if anyone is interested. Our colors were white, golden yellow and charcoal gray, with hints of grayish-blue, and a kraft-colored brown. We stuck to those colors pretty loosely and tried to just have fun with it.


We decided to order all of our flowers from Whole Foods and I did all of the floral arrangements and bouquets myself. My mom made all the boutonnieres for the groomsmen and Jeff. I think they turned out really nice- I was going for a woodsy romance vibe. I love arranging flowers, so I knew I would want to do it myself from the very start, but I will say that it was a lot, and I do mean a lot, of work. I found vintage handkerchiefs at a thrift store to wrap around all the bouquets and tied them off with craft string and then secured a pendant to each.


I made personalized clay pendants for each of the bridesmaids and myself…unfortuanately, I lost one of the pendants, so the image on the right shows a vintage pin that I already had, that I used for that bouquet at the last minute.


Jeff designed the programs and we printed them off the computer and cut them to size. Very easy! But the simplest project of all was the holder for our rings, which was a book with a cut out “cubby hole” and some ribbon. So simple. Our reception was held at the rooftop atrium of library, so we tried to tie the book theme into the ceremony. And Jeff’s brother-in-law (now mine too), who married us, used an Andrew Wyeth book as his “binder” for the ceremony script.


Since both Jeff and I wanted to make sure our personalities were represented, we decided to write the ceremony and our vows ourselves. We had no music during the ceremony, except for a guitar. Jeff played a song (even brought an amp but didn’t use it) as I walked down the aisle with my parents to meet him and then my brother played a song as we walked out. It was one of my favorite parts.


After the ceremony, we took some pictures on the train tracks, which was fun! Made for some time to just relax and hang out by ourselves before the reception. So, now that I have rambled on and on, I think I will stop myself before I make this the longest post ever created. I will post more next week.

*All photos taken by Jeanne Ciasullo

UPDATE: Our wedding was kindly featured on 100 Layer Cake. If you would like to see more photos from our ceremony and reception, click here.

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Congrats on your upcoming wedding and marriage, Brittany. People roaming around at our ceremony was a concern for us as well, but honestly, it didn’t end up being an issue at all. We had a couple of people arrive super early, during setup to fend off other people that may be in the park/ under the tree. And I believe someone from the park came around as well, to make sure that everything was under control (which I believe was provided when you officially sign up to have an event there). It’s been five years, so I don’t remember all the details, but I think you’ll be okay. Maybe just designate a friend or family member that can arrive early to help with that? And you should be fine. Hope that helps!


Hi Brittni –

Your wedding turned out gorgeous! I am planning on getting married in a small ceremony at Treaty Oak this sunday. My only concern is, other people at the park and them interfering. Do you have any information you could share with me? It would be so appreciated! Thank you!

Brittany Chase

Hi Lacey. I don’t think I’ll be posting any more pictures but please feel free to email me for more details about Treaty Oak, etc. It’s a really great spot to get married. I’d be happy to share any info that might be helpful to you.


Can you please post more pictures from your wedding?? I’m extremely interested in holding a wedding here and i stumbled across your blog. Also did you have any trouble setting up before hand since other people are still allowed in the park?


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So so lovely. πŸ™‚ And so clever! Love the cut out book for the rings. Love the mix of vintage, handmade, upcycle. Your flowers are SO beautiful.

Thank you for sharing pictures of your very special day! xo


Congratulations Brittni! Much, much happiness to you and Jeff.

The wedding looks like it was gorgeous and so, so special. That tree is magnificent as well as your flowers!!!! Whole Foods!? Who would have thought? So creative.


what an amazing wedding!
I am getting some ideas πŸ™‚

thanks for sharing!



It looks absolutely beautiful, special, and all the work you did together to create your day will keep the day forever special! Congrats! That tree is breathtaking!


So beautiful!


Congrats B! Your wedding looked awesome. I really dig the huge tree. I think you did a great job, everything looked very prety and the photos are beautiful. CONGRATULATIONS!!!-BG

Brian Gray

These pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I hope you’ll share a few more with us. I can’t get over that tree! You are quite talented and I loved reading about all the unique things you did in your wedding – very personal and creative!

Sandi Hester

What a beautiful day! Everything looks great, and so personal! I LOVE that tree, perfect backdrop!


Oh, Brittni, you must have had an amazing wedding – something that is truly memorable. That oak tree is just breathtaking – I think I would choose it as well as a scene for my wedding. And above all: the 1st pic with the tree is almost like a painting by Renoir πŸ™‚


WOW!!! you’re wedding day looks simply stunning! Such beautiful flowers and decorations and photos, and you guys look so cute together down by the railway tracks, congratulations and WOW again! x


Awesome Angie, I think I will definitely do a banner tutorial than. Shanon- a Vegas wedding sounds great too! And thank you again. And Elena, so great to “see” you here. How is everything going with Tickled Pink Knits?


Congratulations to you both, and thank you for sharing the story, I sincerely enjoyed this post! Love the simple and thoughtful approach – the best kind!


I’m not really planning a vow renewal, although I’ve always thought I’d have one eventually. We got married in Vegas, and there were lots of things I missed because of that, even though I wouldn’t change it. ; ) And really, you did an amazing job. I’m not surprised at all that people tell you that you should plan weddings. =)


wow wow! your wedding looks like it was gorgeous! and that tree! omgoodness. that’s incredible!

i’d love to see a tutorial on that fabric bunting when you get a chance, it looks so nice hanging there. πŸ™‚

what a beautiful wedding!


Marisa- You are just the sweetest lady ever! Thank you, thank you, thank you! And yes, there will be more.


Shanon- That’s wonderful that your having a vow renewal! Thank you so much for the compliment. Several family members have mentioned that to me as well (about being a wedding planner) and I had so much fun coming up with projects…I definitely want to do something with weddings. Something small though- maybe another blog? I’m not sure.


This is beautiful, Brittni!! Congrats to you both! Looking forward to seeing more. :~)


haha, guess that is why you named your post, as i just saw, part I. πŸ™‚ xo

Sweet n' Flour

p.s. please show more of y’alls creative and sweet tidbits from the reception.. the cake, cupcakes, typewriter & letters, the favors.. love love love.

Sweet n' Flour

Holy Cow! Brittni, you had the most gorgeous wedding! You should be a wedding planner, wanna throw me a vow renewal? =) I love this. Simple love it. How special all the details are… {big hug} Congrats married lady!


absolutely, positively, supremely & pristinely gorgeous! i wish i could go back and work on all our wedding diy projects again.. sigh!!

Sweet n' Flour
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