Oh My, Dip Dye! How to Dip Dye a Laundry Bag in a Cinch

By Brittni • posted on 08/11/2015

DIY Dip Dyed Laundry Bag

If you’ve been around here long, you know that I love a good dip dyeing project. As evidenced here. And with back to school being right around the corner (and in some cases school is already in session), I wanted to do a little something in that vein.

So, I created this DIY dip dyed laundry bag for Urban Outfitters and am sharing the full tutorial over on the UO blog. This would be a fun dorm room project for anyone heading off to college. But pretty much anyone can use it.

I use mine for toteing laundry from our upstairs hamper down to the ground level (where our washer and dryer is). So I can just cinch it up and throw it from the stairs to the lower level. Because…you know…I’m lazy like that.

DIY Dip Dyed Laundry Bag

Anyway, I just wanted to share a few of the photos, in case you missed it.

And this is the laundry bag I used for the dip dyeing technique in case you want to make one that looks just like mine.

DIY Dip Dyed Laundry Bag

DIY Dip Dyed Laundry Bag

Photography and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

What are you up to today? Do you have any back to school or dorm room projects in the works? I’d love to hear about ’em.

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