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Today we have a DIY guest post from Christine, who is a stationery designer living in Suffolk, England with her husband to be and little dog Toby. Christine is the owner of Paper and Cloth and has two excellent blogs here (papercloth blog) and here (crafty bride blog).

Materials: scrapbook (or any pretty) paper; cardstock; pencil; little scissors; double sided tape; cotton thread.

  1. Choose a shape, I drew a bird a while back so I used this to make my template. Any other shapes would work well such as flowers, circles, squares and so on.
  2. Use a piece of card (cereal packet or similar would work well) to draw your chosen shape on. Cut it out. You now have your template.
  3. I folded my paper so I didn’t have to draw around my template too many times! I managed to fold it into quarters and was still able to cut through it ok. Draw around your template with the pencil and cut out the shapes. I have seven birds on my finished mobile so I needed to cut out 14 shapes.
  4. Lay out your thread. Leave enough at the top so you can hang it up when you’re done. Lay your first cut out shape, right side down, underneath the thread. Put a piece of double sided tape over the thread and then match up another shape, right side up, over the top. Press it down.
  5. Continue this way, spreading out the shapes evenly until you’re done. Cut the thread off at the bottom and hang your new fancy mobile up wherever you fancy. 
Thanks so much for the tutorial Christine. Make sure to check out Christine’s shop when you get a chance. And stay tuned for another DIY project from her on papernstitch very soon.

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This is SO cute! I’ll be linking to this project!


tutorials..My favorite!
Thanks so much for posting it – I love this idea.

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