But First Coffee: The Easiest Iced Coffee Popsicles Recipe

By Brittni • Updated on 08/28/2016

The Easiest Iced Coffee Popsicles Recipe

I’ve been drinking iced coffee like it’s my job lately, because it’s been so incredibly hot out. So I thought I would experiment with turning them into popsicles, just for fun. And it totally worked!

So, I’m sharing the easiest iced coffee popsicles recipe I’ve ever tried today. Because when its 100 degrees outside, you need these recipes to be as fast and easy as possible. No one is into working up a sweat when they’re trying to cool off. Amiright?!

The Easiest Iced Coffee Popsicles Recipe

Ingredients + Tools (make 10 popsicles)

  • 30 ounces of cold brew coffee (I recommend this one, which has milk already added)
  • simple syrup to taste
  • 1 large chocolate bar (optional)
  • popsicle mold



1. If desired, add simple syrup to taste to cold brew coffee. Stir thoroughly and pour into popsicle molds.

2. For additional sweetness, add chocolate. This is completely optional, but I thought it added a little something extra. Up to you! You would do this by chopping up a chocolate bar into small shavings or chunks. And then sprinkling equal parts into each popsicle mold. This helps to sweeten up the coffee and adds a little bit of a mocha flavor.

3. Freeze for 45- 60 minutes. Then, add popsicle sticks and put the molds back in the freezer until fully frozen (about 4 hours).

4. Remove and enjoy. To loosen the popsicles from the mold when they’re ready to eat, run warm water over the underside of the tray for 20-30 seconds. 

Note: For coffee pops that are a little less strong, and more towards the creamy, sweet side, you can also use something like Starbucks Frappuccino coffee drinks in place of the cold brew and other ingredients. The best reason to use something like that is they already have everything you need in ’em (milk and sugar) and have a sweeter taste.

The Easiest Iced Coffee Popsicles Recipe

The Easiest Iced Coffee Popsicles Recipe

The Easiest Iced Coffee Popsicles Recipe

Photography by Amelia Tatnall
Recipe by Brittni Mehlhoff

Are you in iced coffee person? What’s your favorite drink to sip on during the summer months?

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I made them and they were delicious.
I used Chocolate syrup (the type for ice cream topping) instead of chocolate bar.
For the amount of simple syrup I would like to know the amount you recommend/use instead of “to taste”.

Peggy Gustafson

Iced coffee popsicles?! Uhm YES! These look amazing!!

x Annabelle


Yes, please! Pinned it to try later!

Nadia @ Adventures in Wonderlab

I made some very similar last summer using Starbucks iced vanilla latte and chocolate covered espresso beans. So yummy! I will need to try your version with chopped chocolate! Yum.

Kara Whitten

I love coffee anything, so I can’t believe I have never thought to make coffee pops!!


Pinned tot save for later!


This looks delicious – I’ll have to try making some this week!


Our AC just broke, so I’ve been living on popsicles! I love coffee, so this is something I know I’ll love!


Andrea Handojo

I can’t wait to make these! 🙂


This looks so delicious!


Sounds perfect for hot summer days!

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