6 Eco Friendly Project Ideas to Help Reduce Your Waste (and Use What You Already Have)

By Brittni • Updated on 08/13/2023

Eco friendly projects to celebrate Earth Day and beyond.

A roundup of photos that show different eco friendly project ideas.

It’s Earth Day! So, today I wanted to share a handful of eco friendly projects that will help you reduce waste and make a small (but meaningful) impact overtime.

The best part about these DIY ideas though is that they all use items that you probably already have in your home.

So, you (most likely) won’t have to buy a single thing to remake one of these eco friendly ideas.

6 Eco Friendly Project Ideas

These six projects will help you reduce your waste, while using what you already have.

From household pantry staples that can be used to clean the house to reusable grocery totes from old t-shirts, there’s something for everyone.

Hope you find something on this list that inspires you to make a swap!

A small stack of cloth unpaper towels on a white table with a bottle of cleaner behind it.

1. Using unpaper towels as a replacement for regular paper towels.

I’ve talked about my switch from regular paper towels here many times. But I will never stop because it’s honestly not as hard as you may think.

And overtime, it’s really a helpful change for the environment.

My DIY unpaper towels are a great way to use up scrap fabric to help make this change as easy as possible.

There’s a sewn version (my fave) and a no-sew version too for anyone without a sewing machine.

Spraying natural cleaner from a spray bottler onto the window.

2. Using homemade natural cleaning products when possible.

I shared 3 ideas for natural cleaning products a while back, that includes an all-purpose cleaner, a glass cleaner, and a natural room spray.

I’m willing to bet you have the materials in your home already to make at least two of the three cleaners in that post. And they work really well too!

Have you tried homemade natural cleaners before?

Running water over a dish in the sink, using a natural jute dish scrubber.

3. Swapping out your old sponge for a DIY natural dish scrubber.

This is one of my most used eco friendly projects to date and probably one of my favorites too!

These DIY dish scrubbers are made out of one single material, jute! And that’s it!

There are no other supplies needed to make one of these scrubbers and each one lasts a really long time. Months and months!

But the best part? When you’re ready to swap it out for a new one, your old jute dish scrubber is completely compostable.

So you can feel good about replacing it with a new one when you need to.

Closeup photo of striped grocery bag made out of a t-shirt.

4. Making easy reusable grocery bags from old t-shirts.

This grocery tote project is so incredibly easy.

Beginning sewers, you can absolutely do this one!

And all you need is an old t-shirt, a pair of scissors, and a sewing machine. You can make a single strap tote or a two strap bag.

Either way, you’re helping to replace single use plastic grocery bags.

Detail photo of DIY utensil wrap, with wooden utensils and reusable straw inside.

5. Bringing a DIY utensil wrap on the go to help replace single use plastics, like straws and plastic silverware.

Load this DIY utensil wrap up with a reusable straw and reusable utensils and you’re ready for anything.

Toss it in your purse or leave it in your car and you’ll never be without a reusable option when you’re on the go.

Reusable produce bags for the grocery store, with apples coming out of it.

6. Sewing reusable produce bags for trips to the grocery store.

Last but not least…these reusable produce bags are super easy to make.

And they’re not just for produce either – use them for purchasing bulk items too – like nuts, oats, seeds, etc.

Cute reusable products that are eco friendly.

Prefer to buy than DIY, when it comes to eco friendly products?

I totally get it. There are some items that you just can’t DIY.

So I rounded up 24 eco friendly products that are actually super cute. So you can help reduce your waste without sacrificing style.

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I think it’s just great!! Incredible work!!


Hi Jennifer. I would imagine that any bacteria would be removed after it’s washed in the washing machine and dried for reuse. And cloth would be just as flammable as paper? But it’s whatever you feel comfortable with. And if that’s all you’re using paper towels for, that’s a major reduction on what the average household uses, so that’s awesome.


The only thing I use paper towels for is under tofu after frying to soak up oil and to dry off chicken after brining. I would worry about using cloth paper towels this way? Flammable? Bacteria?

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