Tutorial: How to Make a Bow out of Recycled Magazines

By Brittni • Updated on 01/30/2011

Guest post by Jennifer Young of I Art U blog.

These easy-to-make bows will be gracing a few of my presents this year. I’ve found a lot of inspiration in magazines lately. This one is from Whole Living. Scroll all the way down for the written step by step instructions and materials or learn how to make your own from the photo step by step

Making a Bow (found in Whole Living)

What you’ll need: Magazine pages or any other paper material you want to use (you’ll need one page per bow); Scissors or a paper cutter; Double-sided tape; A ruler; A pencil

Step by Step Instructions: 1. Cut the page lengthwise into nine 3/4-inch-thick strips of the following heights: Three 11″ strips ; Three 10″ strips ; Two 9″ strips ; One 3.5″ strip

2. Twist each strip to form a loop at each end. Make a circle out of the smallest (3.5″) strip.

3. Secure the ends with a piece of double-stick tape.

4. Layer and stick, starting with the longest strips. End with the circle in the center.

More about Jennifer: She is the editor at I Art U, a blog showcasing all-out awesome art and then some. Visit Jennifer on twitter @iartu_jennifer for updates.

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This is such a neat idea! I have been looking up information on how to make a bow for a couple occasions. I think I may use this method and actually start making a couple for my daughter’s hair as well. This looks so simple and it’s a great way to reuse old paper. Thanks so much for sharing.


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I love this idea! I’m so glad I happened to find it. This will come in very handy. I’m going to try it out right away and pass on the idea. =D


Stephanie Casey

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Oh cool Lia. This bow project would be great for “bad” photos and irregular art prints as well, if they’re just going to thrown away. Ya know?


I work in the photo dept of a college & taped these bows to most of the computers in the photo lab last semester. All the old photo mags were just sitting around waiting to be thrown in the trash! I had too!! This is great :).


Eleanor, I’m sure your son loved it! What a great idea!


A garbage themed birthday? That sounds awesome Eleanor. What a great idea.


Too fun! I made these to wrap presents for my son’s garbage-themed 4th birthday!


Pink Peppermint Paper

This tutorial is brilliant and I’m eager to try it myself!
Thanks for sharing it!



thank you for sharing this brittni!

jennifer young



I thought that too Ryan. I came across this tutorial from Jen the day after my nephew’s birthday (where I used a store bought bow). Funny how things work out sometimes, huh?


This is a great idea, and much more interesting than a bow bought from a store.

Ryan McGurl
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