Holiday Pops: Egg Nog Popsicle Recipe

By Brittni • Updated on 12/23/2014

Holiday Egg Nog Popsicle Recipe

I may have officially lost my noggin on this one (don’t hate, you know that was a good pun), but I’m going for it anyway with today’s recipe for…

Egg nog popsicles!

I know, I know. Egg nog is not for everyone. BUT if you fancy this unique holiday drink, you are definitely going to love the popsicle version. I even like them and I’m not a big egg nog person.

Making your own holiday pops couldn’t be an easier…

Egg Nog for the Holidays


Egg nog is already a little sweet, so you don’t really need to add anything extra. But you can if you want (see below)…

egg nog // popsicle mold // popsicle sticks // *You can also add a half packet of vanilla pudding, to mix in with the egg nog for a sweeter popsicle.


Pour egg nog (or egg nog mixture if adding pudding mix) into each popsicle well, then pop in the freezer for 45 minutes. Remove from the freezer and add popsicle sticks, then put back in the freezer for 4-5 hours (or until completely frozen).

Run the popsicle molds under warm water for 15-20 seconds when youre ready to eat and they’ll slide right out. Enjoy!

Side Note: I had every intention to use the leftover cinnamon sticks as popsicle sticks for these. But when I took them out around the 45 minute mark to put the sticks in, I completely forgot. Would be cute though, if you have a lot of cinnamon sticks laying around.

Holiday Egg Nog Popsicle Recipe

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

I think this will be a fun recipe for the holidays. AND you can totally pull it off last minute because it’s so easy. Would be even more fun if you spike the popsicles with bourbon or rum.

And on that note… I hope you have an awesome Christmas. I’ll be popping in before the new year to share a couple more things. But for now, happy holidays!

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Must try these. Egg nog off the shelf now will have to wait for next christmas . Must not forget.

Poppy Orange

These are perfect! I can’t wait to try this!

Monique | WritingMonique

Awesome! Definitely give it a try, Colleen.


Ooh, loving this! I’ve got a whole carton I’ve yet to break into. This might be the solution!

Colleen Pastoor

Thanks so much!


Such a cool post!
Love from – a lifestyle, cooking, fashion blog


Totally, Wita. These would be perfect for a hot day.


This would be a great idea for Australians and New Zealanders on Christmas! It’s pretty hot and humid here, we need those eggnog popsicles!

Wita | Design is Yay

I bet he would like these, Kimberly. I was surprised by how much I liked ’em myself, since I don’t drink much egg nog. So for an egg nog lover these would be top notch.


I bought my husband some egg nog coffee, and he is addicted! It smells so good. He would probably love these popsicles. Merry Christmas!


I think you’d like these popsicles than, Katrina. The taste is smoother…kind of like ice cream.


I’ve tried egg nog for the first time at my friend’s christmas party on the other day. It is delicious, just a little strong at the end. This popsicle sounds intriguing!

Katrina Sophia

Katrina Sophia
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