All Your Eggs in One Basket: How To Make a DIY Easter Basket with Fresh Flowers

By Brittni • posted on 03/04/2024

How To Make a DIY Easter Basket with Fresh Flowers

I think we can all agree that when it comes to Easter baskets, they’re not typically the most exciting things on the planet. So…I thought adding fresh flowers to the mix might liven up the whole Easter basket situation a little bit. And take things up a notch. What do you think?

Sharing the full tutorial today, along with all of the flowers I used for the project…

Types of Flowers

-fresh flowers + garland (see specific flower types below)
-old Easter basket
-hot glue and glue sticks

For this project, I used Mayra Pink Garden Roses, Lavender Double Bloom Tulips, Lamb’s Ear, Pink Veronicas, Pink Ranunculus, and White and Lavender Sweet Peas. My friends at Flower Muse sent over all of the flowers again. So, if youre looking for fresh flowers and/or greenery, be sure to check them out. They ship anywhere in the US for free (all 50 states).

Care Instructions for Flowers: You want the flowers to be super hydrated before starting this project, so that the blooms will last longer once attached to the basket. So, for the best hydration… Cut at least 1″³ off each stem and place in 3-4″³ of room temperature water. Let everything hydrate for at least 3-4 hours before you start working with them, but preferably 24 hours so the blooms have more time to open, if theyre not already.

Easter DIY // How To Make a DIY Easter Basket with Fresh Flowers

How To:

1. Cut the stems off of Lamb’s Ear leaves and hot glue them to the base of your basket, all the way around. This will be the base for your flowers.

2. Next, cut the stems off of the flowers that you plan to use.

3. Then glue the base of each flower to the side of the basket. Do this all the way around the basket. Then, fill in additional holes on top (for aerial view of basket).

Add some Easter eggs and you’re good to go. Simple as that.

This fresh flower basket would be a great photo prop, for an Easter egg scavenger hunt, or even at a wedding (flower girl basket).

How To Make a DIY Easter Basket with Fresh Flowers

Easter Project // Fresh Flower Easter Basket DIY

Easter Project // Fresh Flower Easter Basket DIY

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff
Assisted by Linda Jednaszewski

Think you might give this Easter flower project a try? 


For more flower DIYs like this one, visit the DIY Flower Ideas page.

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Sarah Hearts - Links to Love

This is such a cute idea!


So, so pretty. I love it!! You’ve used my favourite flowers too 🙂

I’ll be having a go at making this, this weekend…who to give to though? Myself!!

Emma Jayne x

Emma Jayne

Aw, thanks Kel!


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six easter egg DIYS | almost makes perfect

This. Is. GORGEOUS! Holy moly, you’ve really outdone yourself, B! I would lose my mind if the Easter bunny left me this. 😉

Kelly @ Studio DIY

Oh my goodness that basket is beautiful! Great job!



This is so lovely! I’m specifically looking for projects and DIYs with flowers. Well done! x


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