My Fall Style Guide: Texture, Intention, and a Little Gold for Good Measure

I will forever gravitate towards interesting patterns and textures when it comes to design. So, it’s no surprise that both are playing a part in my new fall style guide – along with a little gold, a few neutrals, and a couple unexpected elements (like that clear magnifying glass).

When Jeff and I were in London, I found so many amazing pieces that inspired me. I’m talking to you, terrazzo cutting boards that I am thoroughly obsessed with! And I wanted to bring some of those things into my newest style guide.

For this one, I pulled away from my typical image-heavy guides, in favor of something that focuses more on those textures I was mentioning and some three-dimensional objects. But even those physical items have been paired down a bit – to keep things crisp (like the cooler weather) and intentional.

The imagery I did end up include has more meaning this time around than just a pretty visual too. For example, I found a big image of two girls really close together, to remind myself to always be a collaborator, not a competitor, to others. A photo of a broken down car (it’s a Kinfolk collection card that I picked up in Florida) to remind me that things rarely go according to plan (and that’s okay). And a photo of fabric floating in the wind to remind me to let life take me away (sometimes).

And that sums it up for this month’s style guide. What types of things are inspiring you this season? If you had a mantra for fall, what would it be?

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Very into terrazzo right now as well, Marias. 🙂


I am crazy about textures and patterns, in particular terrazzo one. Hence, I find your blog really interesting! I am inspired by your amazing ideas. I love reading your posts. Please keep writing and sharing with us!


Yay! Glad you found the blog too, Shawna. 🙂


So glad I found your blog! I love your style guide here. I am obsessed with anything gold right now! I love the fact that you added a reminder to be a collaborator, not a competitor.


Thanks Kimberly. I bought both pieces of terrazzo when I was in Europe last month. So hard to find here in the US (even online). It’s kind of bizarre.


I love the meaning behind the pieces you shared, and I want that white terrazzo cutting board. I find myself being inspired by pictures of food lately.


Thanks Courtney and Michelle. Textures and terrazzo all the way! 🙂


Love the terrazzo pattern for so many things!


I love all the textures, and colors!

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