Strollin’ Along: My Fave Atlanta Spots When I Just Want to Get Out of the House

By Brittni • posted on 02/15/2024

As a new parent one thing that I seem to learning more and more each day is that everyday is different with a baby BUT also the same. It can be like Groundhog Day with a newborn at times, but you also never really know what you’re going to get in terms of a happy baby or a fussy one.

One thing that I’ve found helps, at least for sanity if nothing else, is getting out of the house. The change of scenery is always nice and helps make me feel like less of a shut-in. So I partnered up with Stokke to share some of my fave places in Atlanta for those time when I just want to get out of the house for a little while.

One thing you probably don’t know about me…One of my fave things to do during the holidays is people watch. Which honestly may seem a bit strange, but before having a kid, I really loved going shopping right before the holidays and just aimlessly walking around in the busyness. I know it’s strange to think I liked the chaos of it all, but I did. For the most part.

These days though, it’s more difficult to do that, especially when I’m avoiding big crowds all together with a newborn. So, on a smaller scale, when I need to get out for a few hours and clear my head, find inspiration, or pick up a last minute gift, I’ll head somewhere a bit less crowded.

Luckily, it’s much, MUCH easier to be out and about with Hayes in tow when I have the stroller. It’s kind of like my security blanket because he usually just falls asleep while we’re out, if we’re strolling along. He likes the movement, I guess.

I have the Stokke Xplory 6 in black melange, which is the exact stroller that Jeff and I picked out long before I worked with Stokke on this post. We went to a big baby store while I was pregnant and ‘test drove’ a whole bunch of strollers and the Xplory was by far the one we loved most. It’s a little big since it doesn’t fold down like the Stokke Scoot, but that was the only con for us. And honestly, strollers are generally just kind of big anyway. It’s just one of those things.

So what are the pros? Aside from the sleek Scandinavian design, which is what initially attracted me to it, it glides super smoothly as you push it and the parent facing and forward facing positions can be adjusted to multiple heights. Right now, with Hayes so young still, I like the parent facing position, with the height adjusted all the way up so he’s super close to me. Also, you can use the Xplory 6 with car seats, just check if you’ll need an adaptor.

And obviously, I really like the way it looks – which is probably one of the most prominent things about Stokke products. They are really well designed and fit in easily with the other things Jeff and I tend to gravitate towards for our home. In a sea of ugly baby things that are on the market today, it’s important to Jeff and I to have well-designed (and more importantly well-made) items for our little guy, whenever possible, which is why we went with Stokke.

I’m all about keeping it simple, without a ton of bells and whistles, but there are a bunch of accessories you can get for the strollers too if you’re into it. Whenever we have more kids, I def want this skateboard attachment for Hayes to ride on. He has to be at least two to use it…and in my mind he also has to be at least two before we have another baby. Haha. For now though, I’m good with the basics when we’re strolling around, shopping, running errands, etc.

And speaking of which, here are my fave Atlanta spots when I want to get out of the house…

Ponce City Market. A couple shops that I always like popping into are in PCM. And since Jeff’s office is also in Ponce City Market, if I’m dropping him off at work, Hayes and I will sometimes pop around to the shops or grab coffee, etc in the morning when it’s not crazy busy yet. For coffee and tea, I like Spiller Park and Dancing Goats. Dancing Goats has the best chai latte IMO and Spiller has really good avocado toast. And then Citizen Supply has a really great plant selection from The Victorian, if you have any plant lovers on your shopping list. Archer Paper Goods has cute stationery and paper related supplies…notebooks, greeting cards, cool pencils, wrapping paper, small gifts, etc. Coco and Mischa is another great spot in PCM – for clothing and accessories.

Youngblood and Gardenia. These shops are just a few doors down from each other in Poncey Highlands, almost right across the street from my old place. Youngblood has cool jewelry and small home items, along with some beauty items. I almost always find something there. And Gardenia has beautiful floral arrangements and cool (unique) giftables like Canyon Coffee, books, and tons of little planters and vases.

Westside Provisions. Another good spot with multiple shops…East Fork should be opening any day. And there’s Brick and Mortar for vintage housewares and furniture, Little Barn Apothecary for beauty, and Seed Factory for cute baby stuff.

Krog St MarketMuchacho, and Revolution Donuts. These spots are all within walking distance of my house. So when I want some exercise, we’ll walk up to one of these spots for a snack or lunch.

East Pole. If I just want to grab coffee and do some work on my laptop, East Pole is an awesome spot. Love the people who founded this company and it’s a beautiful coffee spot too.

Chrome Yellow. And last but not least, Chrome Yellow is another great coffee shop, which is more in my neighborhood so I’m there a lot. They also have a little shop section for gifts…notebooks, coffee mugs, etc. So it’s a good spot to grab coffee and do some last minute holiday shopping (stocking stuffers).

Photography Amelia Lawrence

So those are my fave spots when I need to get out of the house. If you’re in Atlanta, I’d love to hear your faves too! Let me know in the comments below.

And P.S. If you’re thinking about purchasing a Stokke stroller, which I honestly cannot recommend enough – definitely worth the investment, I wanted to share this special offer… While supplies last, when you purchase the Stokke Xplory 6 Stroller you get a free Jetkids by Stokke Bedbox, which is so cool! It’s basically a ride on box that turns into a bed for your little one when traveling on  a plane. I have to get one of these. Offer limited to Blue or Red Jetkids by Stokke Bedbox while supplies last. 

This post is in partnership with Stokke. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Paper and Stitch running.

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