My Go-To Flower List for Awesome Floral Arrangements + Centerpieces Every Time

Bouquet Breakdown: The Go-To Flower List for Awesome Floral Arrangements + Centerpieces Every Time

With all of the flower DIYs I’ve done over the years, I’ve noticed that I tend to gravitate towards a handful of flowers for almost every bouquet, centerpiece, floral DIY, etc. It’s like I’ve developed a shorthand for it almost – like the quickest path to a beautiful arrangement involves XYZ.

So, I thought it might be useful to put together a flower list that will pretty much guarantee you a good looking floral arrangement every time. It’s my go-to list of fave flowers to use!

Click through for the full list, filled with more obligatory flower photos than seemingly necessary.

Coral peonies!

Peonies are kind of a given for any awesome flowers list. But coral and pink salmon peonies are my absolute fave! You can usually get white, light pink, and burgundy or fuchsia peonies at Whole Foods or Trader Joes when they’re in season, pretty affordably. But my faves are hard to find, unless you’re near a floral wholesaler and even then it can be difficult.

I always just order mine online, from Flower Muse. Which I know I’ve mentioned here 100 times for flower stuff because they are literally the best! And super fast too. No one’s paying me to say that BTW, I just really love ’em!

Blue Tweedia

Blue tweedia is of my faves to pop into bouquets because the blue is so pretty with other colors. It’s not widely used either, so people ask about it a lot when they see it in bouquets, etc.

Protea and King Protea

King protea are HUGE. When you use them in an arrangement, you won’t need a whole lot else. They look like this and they’re kind of the bad ass step sister of the romantic meets tropical vibe.

Regular size protea (pink protea) is much smaller, but still a good size. And I like to use those in bouquets when I need something a little less expected, heavy on the interesting texture side of things. There’s a few in the giant DIY bridal bouquet I did for this post (and I included some of those photos in this post as well).

I’ve used pincushion protea a decent amount in the past too – they’re fun for arrangements with more tropical vibes. Or when you’re just looking for something fun / a little whimsical.

Brittni Mehlhoff of Paper & Stitch shares her go-to list of flowers she uses to create awesome arrangements and centerpieces every time.


Can’t go wrong with ranunculus, for bouquets and centerpieces large and small. They work great either way, as the star of the show for smaller bouquets or as more of a (super pretty) filler flower for large arrangements, etc.

Garden Roses

I genuinely dislike regular roses. Always have. BUT garden roses are a whole other story. Love me some garden roses! They come in SO many varieties, I don’t even think I could narrow down my faves if I tried.


Scabiosa is my go-to filler flower to use for arrangements. It works with almost every other flower type and can take on the vibe of any arrangement.

Double Bloom and Parrot Tulips

Tulips are one of my mom’s favorites, if I remember correctly. And I like them too. But I especially like parrot tulips (which have a unique, almost ruffled looking petal) and double bloom tulips, which get mistake for peonies all the time (they’re way cheaper than peonies too).

Flower breakdown. Click through for photos of flower types and the best flowers to use for beautiful bouquets + centerpieces.


I love the smell of lilacs and the texture. They look good with pretty much everything.

Monstera leaves and Philodendron

I don’t use them too often in arrangements with flowers BUT I use them a lot by themselves when I need something clean, minimal / modern. They last a really long time too, as long as you get a good cut on the stem and keep the water fairly fresh.

Silver Sage Fern

Silver sage fern is really unique. The leaves look straight out of a Picasso painting and I can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t be into that.

My Go To Flower List for Awesome Floral Arrangements + Centerpieces Every Time

Brittni Mehlhoff of Paper & Stitch shares her go-to flower list for creating awesome bouquets every time.

The Go-To Flower List for Awesome Floral Arrangements + Centerpieces Every Time

Photography Amelia Lawrence // Lettering Cori Maass

What flowers are on your fave flower list?! Let me know in the comments below.

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I liked what you said about how silver sage ferns look really unique and lilacs have the best texture in an arrangement. My cousin has been thinking about getting a bouquet for her wedding, and she wants it to have blue, green, and white in it. Getting some help from a professional could be really useful so that it matches men’s suits.

Adam Golightly

These flowers always make me fresh all time. Looks great for organization!

Andrew Leigh

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That’s amazing, Isabelle. I’d love to come home with flowers everyday. So nice!


Gorgeous flowers! Love the color combinations and the arrangements you make! I am luckyto work in a flower shop and I never leave my house without flowers. Great photos!

Isabelle A.

Thanks Michelle. Hard to go wrong with peonies and ranunculus, for sure.


Your choices are so wonderful, ranunculus is my favourite flower, but I also love peonies!


Thanks so much Courtney.


These are good combos. The floral arrangements you put together are so pretty! They turned out really well.

Courtney Hardy

Thank you Pink Pineapple. Appreciate that!


Beautiful flowers i love photographs,your blog is soo so cute
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