How to Make Printables Using Your Phone + 3 Cool Printables You Can Download Right Now

How to make printables using your phone + 3 printables you can download right now.

Working on studio makeovers and renovations seems to be a running theme around here lately, with the kitchen redo, living room upgrades, etc, etc.

And I’m thinking I might as well keep it up. Once the decorating train starts, it’s hard to stop. Right?! So, I’m working on a little artwork that will eventually hang in the (redone) workspace / desks area. Hoping to have that reveal ready to share by the end of the month / early next month.

I teamed up with Adobe Document Cloud to share the new (free) Adobe Scan app to create 3 printables to adorn the walls in the newly decorated space. You can download the prints after the jump or make your own printables using your phone (or any mobile device). No fancy computer needed. How cool is that? Click through for the download links and tutorial.

A pastel but still pretty neutral color palette

If you’re not familiar with Adobe Scan already, it’s a free app (available on iTunes and Google Play) that allows seamless usage from your phone or tablet to not only capture images, but also transform them into versatile PDFs. It even has text recognition, so if you have a lot of files to go through, you can search for a word or phrase in the app to find what you need right away.

There are so many things you can do with it (check out the video here) from keeping track of receipts and moodboards to quick notes, etc. But today is all about printables!

Inspirational printables from Paper & Stitch. Click through to download all 3 quotes.

How to Make Printables Using Your Phone

To make your own printables using new or existing artwork, open up the Adobe Scan app and take a picture of the artwork you want to turn into a printable. You’ll see a transparent blue box pop up that will recognize the artwork (or  ‘document’ as it’s called in the app) and take a photo.

How to make printables using your phone.

How to make printables using your phone.

I had Cori custom paint phrases onto paper and then took a photo of each one (in the app) to turn it into a printable PDF. While she was working on that, I did a little painting of my own, which are all of the little abstract pieces you see in the photos. So excited to be getting back into painting a little bit.

How to make printables using your phone.

From there, it will auto color (a feature I love for printables because it essentially whites out the background and cleans everything up visually) and then you can crop the image further, change the auto color back to the original photo (if desired), etc.

How to make printables using your phone.
Once you have everything how you want it, press the Save PDF button at the top right of the screen. From there, you can email the PDF (to yourself or someone else), share the file (text it to someone, print it straight form your phone), or share a link. So easy!

High Fives Good Vibes

How to make printables using your phone + 3 printables you can download right now.

The PDF files that I emailed to myself are the exact ones I used for the downloadable printables that are linked below, so you can see for yourself how they turned out. I was really impressed with the quality, especially since I did the whole thing on my phone AND my phone is over a year old, so it doesn’t have the fancy camera lens that the new ones have. Pretty impressed.

Full disclosure… After finishing up the content for this post, I am still making printables with the app. It’s so easy to use that I may be addicted at this point.

How to make printables using your phone + 3 printables you can download right now.

That millennial pink.

How to make printables using your phone + 3 printables you can download right now.

Click here to download High Fives Good Vibes.
Click here to download Dreams For Days.
Click here to download You’re So Totally Awesome.

Which print is your favorite from the bunch? Think you’ll give Adobe Scan a try for making your own printables on mobile?

This post is in partnership with Adobe Document Cloud. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Paper & Stitch running.

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Right Cat?! It’s really a cool tool to have on hand for creative projects, scanning, etc.


Dang, that color corrects better than the ‘art’ scan settings on my huge printer XD


Totally Michelle. It’s kind of addictive once you have the app. 🙂


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Hi Wendy. That’s a good question. What size were you wanting to make? Something smaller than 8.5×11 or larger?


Would love to know if the pdf file would work for different sized printables?

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Thanks Kathy and Courtney. It’s a fun app to play around with, for sure.


I’ve never heard of an app like that. It’s so cool. I like the concept of it.

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Wow, so simple, but a very good idea!!

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