Fringe Benefits: A Fringe Jean Jacket DIY

How to embellish a standard jean jacket with fringe, that looks like it was always there! Click through for the tutorial. #fashion #diy #tutorial #fringe #jeanjacket #clothing #womens #fall

I love the idea of adding simple embellishments to staple clothing pieces to make a statement. And fringe,  especially, has been on my list as of late. Don’t get me wrong, patches and embroidery projects are good options too. But I thought fringe would give this stiff jean jacket a lot more movement.

And now that’s it’s finished, I want to fringe ALL of the things! You really can’t even tell that the fringe was added on after the fact because it’s tucked into the seams. Click through for the simple sewing hack that made the fringe look seamless with the jacket.

Before and After: How to embellish a standard jean jacket with fringe, that looks like it was always there! Click through for the tutorial. #fashion #diy #tutorial #fringe #jeanjacket #clothing #womens #fall

Materials for Fringe Jean Jacket 

How to Add Fringe to a Jean Jacket

Choose a thread that matches the thread of the jacket. I used denim thread (this exact one), which is the yellow thread commonly used on jeans. It matched my jacket perfectly. Typically the seams of jean jackets (and regular jeans) will have a flat felled seams. Which means you can open up just one side and easily fit the fringe underneath, then stitch it back up for a clean look that will look like you bought it that way.

Measure and cut the fringe for each arm and the back panel of the jacket separately (so you’ll have 3 pieces of fringe). Set aside.

Next, use a seam ripper to carefully open one side of the flat felled seam. You want to to open the seam closest to the edge NOT both stitch lines.

Insert the fringe under the opened seam. pin it to keep in place / prevent from moving around. Then use your sewing machine to stitch the seam closed again (with the fringe sandwiched in between), trying to hit on top of the old stitch line as you sew. Basically you’re recreating the original stitch line to make make it look finished again.

Do this with each arm and the back panel separately. We added a second layer of fringe of a different color fringe to the back panel to make it stand out. And kept the arms just one fringe color.

How to add fringe to a jean jacket. A step DIY fashion project. #fashion #clothing #jacket #jeanjacket #fringe

Note: You can definitely attach the fringe straight to the jacket without opening up the seams if you want, BUT I think it looks a lot better to have a clean line.

Jean Jacket DIY: How to embellish a standard jean jacket with fringe, that looks like it was always there! Click through for the tutorial. #fashion #diy #tutorial #fringe #jeanjacket #clothing #womens #fall

DIY fringe jean jacket idea! #clothing #jeanjacket #womens #fall #fringe #fashion #diy

Jean Jacket DIY: How to embellish a standard jean jacket with fringe, that looks like it was always there! Click through for the tutorial. #fashion #diy #tutorial #fringe #jeanjacket #clothing #womens #fall

Fringe jean jacket DIY! #fashion #clothing #jeanjacket #diy #diyfashion #fall #fringe

Sewing Julia Pistsova // Model Cori Maass // Photography Brittni Mehlhoff

What do you think of the finished jacket? Would you ever try something like this? How cute would this be as a kids jean jacket too? If I had a kid, I would totally make one of them one of these!














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What are the two different lengths of the fringe?


How do you sew the sleeve back together without sewing the sleeves together? I don’t get it. Can you explain. Thank you so much! Love the jacket!

Cheryl Houston

I’m dying to try this and even bought all the stuff, but so scared my machine won’t be able to go through all the layers 😅 I guess I’ll just have to be brave and try!


I love this 😍What are the lengths of chainette you used? Is that gold and red, or more of a coral? Thanks!

Claire Wong

So I successfully did the back but now I’m confused how you re-sewed the sleeves without stitching them together! I guess the flat seam wouldn’t be perfectly flat anymore, or I have to do it by hand.

Julia Dumaine

Love this fringe jacket! Wondering how you sew fringe on the arms? I don’t think I could do on machine.


How did you sew the sleeves back together in tje sewing machine🙂heelp

Andrea Medina

To be honest, I’m in love with the idea of adding simple embellishments to my clothing so I might buy some chainette fringes and add them to my jacket as well. I’ll try to recreate the original stitch like you did so that it doesn’t look noticeable. I like the idea that you said that it can be used for kids jean jackets as well so I might try it on my son’s jacket since he likes fringes on his clothing.

Sariah Meagle

What a gorgeous jacket! Well done. Can I feauture you?


I like how you said that you could use this kind of a fringed jacket for kids! My wife loves to sew and she always likes to try new things when she does it as well. Maybe I’ll have to look for some chainette fringe and some jean material to see if she would like to try making a jacket like this for one of our daughters.

Todd Stauffer

I love, love, love this jacket. I want to go home and sew right now. It is super cute and looks amazingly easy. However, I know sewing those thick jean seams can be challenging without a strong machine. Good thing I have my trusty sturdy Kenmore for just such a thing!

Michelle Widger

Thanks Pink Pineapple! It was a fun project to work on.


I love that jacket its so beautiful!

The pink pineapple

Love that Amy. I bet your painted jeans look great!


This is genius! I love love adding stylized embellishments to clothing. I painted a pair of jeans a summer ago and they have become my very most favorite jeans ever.

Amy | Delineate Your Dwelling

Thanks Davinia. 🙂


Wow what a great!!!

Davinia Perez Santiago

Thanks Michelle! Julia did an awesome job with it. Now I want to do this to every jacket I own. Overkill?! Perhaps. 🙂


This jacket is absolutely awesome and stylish!! Well done!

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