23 Magazines I Pick Up When I Need Inspiration

By Brittni • Updated on 02/14/2024

23 Magazines To Pick Up When You Need Inspiration

I love going through magazines when I’m looking for style guide inspiration especially, and since I’m working on the next guide at the moment. So, while I have all of them out, I thought I would take a few photos and share my list of absolute go-tos for inspiration.

There’s a combination of easy to find mags (like Domino and Cereal) along with some more obscure ones that I’ve found while we were traveling, etc. Hope you like ’em as much as I do…

In no particular order, here are a list of my fave magazines for inspiration…

1. Apartamento (really cool design / interiors magazine)
2.Cereal (amazing travel quarterly)
3. Milk Decoration (a quarterly look inside cool people’s home)
4. Aint Bad (new photographic art mag – it’s amazing!)
5. Cherry Bombe (celebrating women and food)
6. Lucky Peach (lovingly referred to as the rebel older brother of food mags)
7. Domino (home / interiors – who doesn’t already love this one!?)
8. Harvard Design Magazine (pretty self explanatory, no?)
9. The Gentlewoman (biannual fashion magazine)
10. Lightning Interiors (awesome mag from Japan)
11. Gather (food and stuff)
12. Drift (travel magazine)
13. Belong (blogging magazine for entrepreneurial women)
14. Artforum (art magazine)
15. Disegno (quarterly design journal)
16. Sweet Paul (cooking and crafting)
17. Kinfolk (we all know this one already, right?)
18. The Octopian (run by Jonathan Lo of Happy Mundane)
19. So It Goes (a mag dedicated to all aspects of the arts)
20. The Great Discontent (interviews with inspiring people)
21. Monocle (business, culture, design, and more)
22. Darling (a mag that celebrates women)
23. Atomic Ranch (mid-century home inspiration)

23 Magazines To Pick Up When You Need Inspiration
23 Magazines To Pick Up When You Need Inspiration

P.S. A while back, I asked for your suggestions on inspiring magazines to check out and you guys totally delivered! There was such a good list of mags to look into. Thank you! So if you’re looking for even more suggestions, be sure to check out this Instagram post.

Which magazines are your go-tos? Let me know what I missed in the comments below.

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Sandra Woods

This is an excellent list! I also like boss ladies magazine, great interviews with creative and inspiring women!


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I’ll have to check out these magazines. I love Darling magazine.


Cereal, Darling, and Kinfolk are always my go-to! They’re always so calming and offer great insights.

xo, Sofia


This is such a loevly, helpful post! <3 😉


Tabi Bee

I love Cereal and Belong! x

Jessica — NinetyCo 


For sure Emily. Let me know if you come across any new ones you like.


shall have to check the ones I haven’t heard of!



Haha. The too many tabs thing hits very close to home.


This is such a good list, Brittni! I have so many tabs opened on my computer now. I love learning about new magazines.


Cool! Happy to hear that Michelle.


This is so helpful, thanks for the list and the Inspiration!

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