How to Make a Giant DIY Wreath (over 3 ft tall) for Less than $10

By Brittni • posted on 02/23/2024

How to Make a Giant DIY Wreath (over 3 ft tall) Shaped Like a Triangle for Winter and/or Christmas. #holiday #christmas #wreath #flowers #floralwreath

I couldn’t wait another day – have to share this giant wreath project NOW! I made a (seriously) giant DIY wreath for the studio yesterday and I didn’t plan to turn it into a tutorial initially. But when it was done, I loved it so much, I couldn’t resist. I mean, it’s over 3 feet tall and costs less than $10 to make (not including flowers), so I felt like it NEEDED to be shared.

I think what I love most about this one is that you can make it whatever you want – keep it asymmetrical or cover the entire frame with greenery, add fresh flowers or leave it minimal, you can even change the size and shape to fit your space. Wanna make your own? Click through for the step by step instructions.

This year’s giant wreath project is loosely inspired by last year’s asymmetrical wreath DIY, that was a huge hit with you guys. Still the most popular holiday project of mine to date. But maybe this one will beat it? I don’t know, it might be my new favorite.

Here’s how to make a giant DIY wreath on a budget…

How to Make a Giant DIY Wreath (over 3 ft tall) Shaped Like a Triangle for Winter and/or Christmas. #holiday #christmas #wreath #flowers #floralwreath


  • tree trimmings (at least 8-10 big pieces with offshoots)
  • 2 pieces of .75″ × 1.5″ x 6′ pine board – mine came in a 6 ft piece and was $5.56 per piece. OR you can opt for 1 piece of .75″ × 1.5″ x 6′ and one piece of scrap wood for the bottom 25-30 inches long – like mine.
  • 4 long screws (1.5 – 2 inches should be good)
  • floral wire

Just FYI – The final dimensions of my (finished) wreath with the greenery popping off the top for more height was:  3.5 feet tall and a little less than 3 feet wide.

Where to get tree trimmings for free! Every year, I go to a tree lot and ask them if I can take home some tree trimmings home to make stuff for the holidays. I always end up with SO much greenery! And it’s completely free, since they’re just cut off the bottom of trees that people purchase to clean up the trunk area! Well, it may depend on where you go, but I know Home Depot and Lowe’s give them away for free and that’s where I go.

How to Make a Giant DIY Wreath (over 3 ft tall) Shaped Like a Triangle for Winter and/or Christmas. #holiday #christmas #wreath #flowers #floralwreath


Quick note…This way of building the frame isn’t the prettiest BUT its easy / fast, secure, AND you won’t be able to see any of the ugly stuff when it’s done anyway. No one will ever know.

1. Start by measuring and cutting down any pieces needed, based on your desired size. I cut the 1x3x6 in half so that I had two pieces that were 3 feet long. Then used a piece of scrap wood for the bottom of the triangle (which I believe I cut down to 24 inches).

2. I put the 2 long pieces up on their sides for more depth and then added the scrap piece of wood on top. Clamp down all of the pieces to the table, so they stay in place while adding screws.

3. I drilled a pilot hole for each screw before screwing each one in (one on each of the two bottom corners and then two at the top – one going in from each side). And I started with the bottom screws, before securing the top of the triangle.

4. Now that the frame is complete, you can greenery. I like to bundle up a few big pieces of tree trimmings at a time and then wire them around the frame, and twist around multiple time to secure. I like to start from one corner and work my way down from there, layering slightly on top of the one before it each time you add more. You can add greenery on the side of the wreath as well, if desired.

5. Repeat this process with all sides or keep it asymmetrical like mine and only do two sides. Then it’s ready to hang OR add fresh flowers, before hanging, in wired up water vials for a different look.

How to Make a Giant DIY Wreath (over 3 ft tall) Shaped Like a Triangle for Winter and/or Christmas. #holiday #christmas #wreath #flowers #floralwreath

How to Make a Giant DIY Wreath (over 3 ft tall) Shaped Like a Triangle for Winter and/or Christmas. #holiday #christmas #wreath #flowers #floralwreath

How to Make a Giant DIY Wreath (over 3 ft tall) Shaped Like a Triangle for Winter and/or Christmas. #holiday #christmas #wreath #flowers #floralwreath

Have any trimmings leftover after making your wreath? Use the extras to decorate your fireplace mantle, make a garland, or…more wreaths!

What do you think? Would a big wreath like this one fit into your home? And which look do you prefer – the minimal greenery or the flower power version?










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Huge fan of your DIYs. All are great inspiration to me. This seems so beautiful yet so simple and easy to make.

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Aw, thanks Courtney. I was happy with how it turned out too. Love a good wreath during the holidays. 🙂


That wreath is so cute. I love how it turned out.

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Thanks Michelle. It’s one of my fave wreaths I’ve made, for sure!


This looks so good, and I really like the triangular shape. Looks extraordinary!

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