Hair Brained: 7 Awesome Hair Tutorials to Get You Through the Summer Heat

By Brittni • Updated on 02/14/2024

The Perfect Messy Bun for Summer

About a month and a half ago, I cut off nearly ten inches of my hair and basically freaked out. I was getting tired of the long hair that I had literally ALWAYS had (except for that one time in seventh grade that I’ve pretty much blocked out of memory), so I cut it off on a total whim. Probably wouldn’t recommend doing that again.

But now that the panic has worn off, and it’s starting to grow out (ever so slightly), I’m coming around to it. The main thumbs up is the fact that it takes way less time to wash my hair and/or get tangles out, but there are some days that it looks good with a hat. So I can’t complain.

Anyway, this post isn’t a PSA about how you should never cut off that many inches of hair on a whim. Although, I do wholeheartedly believe that to be true. Because now that I don’t have crazy cat lady length hair, I can actually try some fun hair tutorials. I started a board for my faves and thought I’d share some of my top knot notch picks today. Just in case you’re as into hair tutorials as I have been as of late.

Here are 7 hair tutorials I’m really loving lately…

1. (above) the perfect messy top knot from Camille Styles


2. 3 easy hair part tutorials from Cup of Jo

Front Braid Tutorial

3. front row braid tutorial from Barefoot Blonde


4. fishtail top knot tutorial from Studio DIY


5. how to style a low bun from A Beautiful Mess

Twisted Half Up Hair Tutorial

6. topsy half do from Say Yes


7. braided crown tutorial from Tessa Ray Anne

How do you like to do your hair during the hot summer months? Do you go with braids, buns, or neither?

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At home I just make a really messy bow, and for going out I go for brainds or a ponytail. I love having long hair but I just cant take this heat.

Joana Martins

I do all kinds of things with my hair during the summer. Whatever meets my fancy on that given day. Typically, I’m too lazy to try anything though so it winds up in a un-fancy bun, or a low french braid.
– Krys


The first paragraph of this blog is my sentiments exactly! I cut off my long hair before I gave birth to my baby boy and is now trying to grow it back. Totally understand how you feel about getting tired of long hair and chopping it off only to regret it later. Thanks for this post. Love all the styles and looking forward to trying them when my locks grow longer.


The fishtail topknot is so cute!

chelsea jacobs

My hair is really long and I know I’ll have to cut it one day but I’m scared of hating. But I was thinking about doing a pink ombre for summer… Let’s be adventurous with our hair!


Love the front row braid!

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Love braids but am so terrible at doing my own hair and braids don’t look that gorgeous on dark hair without highlights (i.e. mine). I love the front row braids! I usually just pull my hair into a ponytail or an ugly top bun when it is really hot – let’s just throw style out of the window and get cool for a bit! Haha :p

x Jia,


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Friday Finds 12/6/15 | hope street honey

i love the second one and the low bun — such a great collection!


I love the braided messy bun look in the last picture!



Thanks Hilary.


Love all the hairstyles<3 thanks for sharing
follow for follow?:)


Hilary Nirvana

Totally hear ya Paris by Friday. There are plenty of hairdos that don’t work well with my hair. But it’s only a matter of time before your find a few that look great. 🙂


I wish I was a hair ninja and could do really pretty, put-together braids (but if I attempt to do anything technical towards the back of my head, even a mirror can’t salvage that!) – also wish I had more texture in my hair but alas, it’s naturally heavy and straight.

I do use products, create overnight waves and curl my hair on occasions, but most days in the summer I’m simply too lazy and end up in my typical ponytail or bun (not even an effortlessly elegant “messy bun”, one that has hair falling out and sticking up everywhere). Nevertheless, I’ll be trying out some of these hairstyles and seeing if I can get the hang of them! Would be great for festivals and such this season.

With love ♥︎ » Paris by Friday

Paris by Friday
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