Print This: Halloween Snail Mail Printable with Vellum Envelopes

By Brittni • Updated on 07/07/2021

Halloween Snail Mail with Free Printable + Translucent Envelopes

Halloween is just a few days away, so I thought this would be a good time to share one last DIY printable idea before we all get wrapped up in last-minute Halloween to-dos. So, I’ve partnered with The Paper Mill Store to bring you this super quick and easy idea. All you have to do is print out the free download, write a note to a friend on the back, fold it up, and mail it out. Done!

You could also skip the postage and use these as greeting cards for local friends and family. Fill them with candy and/or confetti and you’re in business.

Halloween Snail Mail Printable Idea

By using translucent envelopes, you can create a graphic message, without having to go through the headache of trying to print directly onto envelopes. Easy as (creepy spider) pie. You can get the same translucent vellum envelopes that I used for this project over at The Paper Mill Store. There are plenty of additional colors available too, if you prefer to use a different color palette.

If you want to use the same colors and sizes that I used, I’ve rounded up the links for you, to make it easy… turquoise no. 10 // orange square // kiwi mini-lope // violet A7 // blush A2.

DIY Halloween Snail Mail Printable

DIY // Halloween Snail Mail Printable Idea

DIY Printable Idea // Halloween Snail Mail

Download Halloween printable (option 1) here
Download Halloween printable (option 2) here

Think you’ll be sending out a little Halloween snail mail this year?

This post is in partnership with The Paper Mill Store. All opinions and ideas are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.

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These are absolutely gorgeous!!! Thank you sooo much for rounding up the links to each bcuz I find it atrocious to try to shop their large selection, on my own! Happy Halloween!!!!


These would be perfect for Christmas gift tags, Arielle. I might have to create a holiday printable for these envelopes…Good thinking.


awww. adorable! and these can be made to use anytime of year. I love it! they would make lovely gift tags for christmas, as well.

love, arielle
a simple elegance


Yes, you do. They’re awesome…still have a big stack in my office that I’ll be hoarding until the end of time. 🙂


Those envelopes are amazing!!! I need to stock up!

Kelly @ Studio DIY

Thanks Corina! Much appreciated. 🙂


Those are so gorgeous!!

Corina nika

Thanks Nthlee!


great idea! I love your blog 🙂


Thanks Sarah! Yeah, these are pretty much as easy as it gets. So simple.


These are too cute! Love how easy this is.

x Sarah

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