Herringbone Wood Floors are on my List

By Brittni • posted on 07/07/2021

We have original hardwood floors in our 1930s bungaloe. BUT if we didn’t for some reason or our floors ever needed to be re-done, herringbone wood floors are at the very, and I mean VERY, top of my list of to-dos. The pattern is unexpected and oh-so-charming!

What do you think? Would you ever do wood herringbone floors in your home?

(above) found via Lolita and Overhead Herringbone Floor Pattern

(above) 50s at Marie Claire – image c/o Marie Clarie Maison

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this style of wooden floor is so popular in budapest, in the city centre flats that haven’t been updated in half a century or more. i’ve had herringbone hardwood in all the places i’ve lived in hungary but they just don’t have the natural wood colour like in your photos.. a total downfall.


I love this!! I would definitely do this to my floor if I had the chance.


3 years ago we ripped up our floor and spent 4 days laying a reclaimed light oak herringbone floor, wish the pieces had been as big as in the photos, we could have done it quicker ;o)
It’s so warm an natural looking, so glad we did it and looks even better now with more dints and scratches.


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I love the images you have here. I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen herringbone floors with such large pieces of wood, only ever the small squares of it. I wish I needed to do new floors in my house, but I just refinished the original floors my house was give in the 50s. They look great, but they are nothing like this. I want this.


gasp. the last picture there is a dream. i have a huge herringbone crush lately and since we’re looking for a new place to live i really want to have such a floor. and if the place doesn’t have one, i will get us one. such a great pattern.


Oh, drool. These are high on my list too. The wider, more-worn boards in herringbone is a style I haven’t seen before; so pretty! Thanks for sharing!




Totally! And herringbone is an eyecatching pattern–probably one of the reasons it lasts through the ages!


Good point Piper. It’s important to find a balance. Too much of one thing (pattern/ style) can be be TOO much of one thing. Ya know what I mean?


I think I could do herringbone floors but I’d have to keep other patterns in the room controlled with a wee bit of whimsy. Too much pattern keeps me from relaxing.


Me too Becky (obviously). Herringbone power to us?! Or something like that. 🙂



i love a herringbone pattern wood floor. the older the floor the better.

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